SANTA MONICA—On Tuesday, March 21, at approximately 4:05 p.m., the Santa Monica Fire Department received 911 calls of a fire at 1857 7th Street. At 4:10 p.m., 4 minutes and 45 seconds after the initial call, SMFD Engine 1C, Station 1 arrived at the scene.

Firefighters found a single-story apartment building with a fire in one unit, across the street from the main entrance of Santa Monica High School. Engine Company Firefighters began an interior fire attack. Truck Company Firefighters cut a ventilation hole in the roof to release the superheated smoke and fire gasses. The firefighters contained the fire in the kitchen and storage area of the unit. Further fire extension and damage were prevented through their efforts.

During their search for victims, firefighters discovered an unresponsive dog, who was later identified as Nalu. The dog did not have a pulse and was not breathing. After 20 minutes of CPR, or mouth to snout, and treatment through Pet Oxygen Masks, Nalu regained consciousness and began moving about on his own. He was transferred to a local animal hospital for further treatment.

According to Captain Patrick Nulty of the Santa Monica Fire Department, 23 firefighters brought the fire under control in ten minutes. The Santa Monica Chapter of the Red Cross helped one displaced occupant. No injuries were reported. SMFD investigators worked to determine the cause of the fire.

On Thursday, March 30, a news release announced that Santa Monica Fire Department Engine 1C, Station 1 would be receiving a Compassionate Fire Department Award from the PETA.

“These firefighters had the knowledge, resources, and determination needed to save this little dog from the brink of death and reunite him with his relieved guardian,” said PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien, according to the release. “PETA hopes their kindness will inspire people everywhere to come to the aid of animals in need.”

PETA encourages animal guardians to put signs on their doors or windows, “to alert rescue workers to the presence of dogs, cats, and other animal companions.” Stickers can be ordered from the PETA Catalog or made at home.

According to the release, The Santa Monica Fire Department will receive a package of the fire-alert stickers, a framed certificate, a box of vegan cookies, and a copy of The Engine 2 Diet—a Texas firefighter’s 28-day plant-based meal plan for staying in prime shape.

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