SANTA MONICA — Santa Monica Pier and other local commercial zones just got the okay from city council members to extend the regulation of alcohol and parking terms tell 2022.

Due to the pandemic the economy has seen an impact. Third street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier, and local commercial areas hope the eased restrictions will help boost the economy economically.

Last May, the council members had adopted two Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinances. The zoning ordinance has temporary rules in please to make it easier for businesses to navigate through Covid-19.

In order to enhance the night life and their entertainment within the shopping district, restaurants and other commercial operations have gotten the clearance to serve alcohol from 8AM-12AM, everyday compared to just the weekends. The eased restrictions now allows restaurants to obtain half their income from alcohol sales while even allowing alcoholic beverages for take-out.

The Promenade however, restaurants and bars have obtained the alcohol permit that allows them to serve alcoholic beverages on their property for take-out and  delivery until 2AM.

“Both of the Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinances proposed for Tuesday remain largely unchanged, but they will include more flexible loading standards in the Third Street Promenade area and more flexible Alcohol Exemption standards for the Santa Monica Pier and other applicable commercial areas” commented Principal Planner Tony Kim.

To date the restriction has been in effect for around five to six months now, “the feedback that we’ve heard, I believe, has been overwhelmingly positive, noting the popularity of the new parking and alcohol regulations” stated Kim.

Canyon News has reached out to city council members for comment, but no comment has been made.

City Manager Lane Dilg stated how the city leaders don’t expect to see and growth towards economic recovery tell the end of 2022.