SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica High School has established new security measures for it’s students following a knife fight that transpired a week ago on campus. 

It was the first day of school when one student was taken into custody for slashing the face of another student with a “small sharp object.” Both students who got into the fight knew each other and were both injured. It is unknown what punitive measures are being taken due to the student’s minor status.

“The District has upgraded security systems on campus, including cameras, upgraded digital locks on classroom doors and they have modernized intrusion, fire and emergency alarm systems,” she said in a letter to parents. “Campus security received training on incident response prior to the start of this school year.”

Officials did state that students involved in unacceptable behavior will be disciplined to the full extent of the California Education Code and SMMUSD Board of Education policy.

Santa Monica High School’s Principal Marae Cruce asks parents to remind their students of the school’s code of conduct and that failure to adhere to the code will result in disciplinary action.