SANTA MONICA—On Sunday, May 31, Los Angeles native Brad, who is an elderly man was attacked by a group of looters at a Black Lives Matter Protest after he attempted to help a woman who was pushed off of her bike, punched in the head and robbed.

Brad was on Broadway in Santa Monica on the phone with his friend Wayne Myers heading east when he decided it was time to get out of there. After an afternoon of visiting Santa Monica, he “saw history” but “could tell it was getting rowdy.”

“There was one car in front of me when I saw a woman in the crosswalk on her bike and two woman rushed her, pushed her off really hard and tried to grab stuff. They punched her in the head twice. She hit the ground hard,” Brad told Canyon News.

Witnessing this, Brad got out of his truck to defend the woman. He said, “I came out with the hockey stick because they were on her. A couple got off her and then the big one came at me and said, ‘What you gonna do?'” to which Brad responded with, “I am gonna hit you with this stick.”

A male seen in a gold sweatshirt charged at Brad after assuming he was “threatening her with a hockey stick.” A few more guys jumped in after seeing the altercation between the two men and beat him. One bystander is seen holding a crow bar, but does not step in.

He said, “I got swarmed by the mob,” and expressed his frustration earlier that day when he spoke to looters asking them, “what the f*ck does this have to do with Black Lives Matter?”

He said, “There was a moment I realized I couldn’t let them get me to the ground so I reached up to grab someone’s testicles and got a hold of a penis and thought, ok I am going to use it to pull myself up. They all left me when I got up.”

In the video a group of guys are depicted rushing Brad and attacking him to the concrete leaving him with injuries, difficulty breathing and a hospital bill amounting to $19,000 after a CAT-scan was included in his exam.

On June 6, a GoFundMe page was created by Brad’s friend, Myers, who was on the phone with Brad the afternoon of the attack and heard the brawl transpire from the other end while Brad stayed on the line.

Myers stated on the GoFundMe page: “My friend Brad was injured and his truck is damaged after being beaten as he tried to defend an unknown women who was being violently attacked.”

Myers told Canyon News, “I thought I was going to lose my friend that day.” Of the $10,000 goal, a total $4,096 has been donated.