SANTA MONICA—Dawn VadBunker, 39 who went missing has been located in Deschutes County, Oregon.

Family described VadBunker, a mother of two, as an upbeat person with an “optimistic nature that never faltered,” despite being in the process of getting her marriage annulled.

On July 3, VadBunker left her home in Oxnard, where she is currently living with her parents, to go to work in Santa Monica. VadBunker is an assistant for a property developer, and has been for six to seven years, the family said. VadBunker and her boss were said to be friends, and it was not unusual for them to hang out together.

On July 4, VadBunker was expected home to help throw a party for the Fourth of July holiday. According to her parents, VadBunker had been excited about the event. Instead, VadBunker texted her mother to let her know that she wouldn’t be back for “a couple more days,” according to KTLA.

After those couple days had passed, her parents began to worry. They told police that they had tried contacting both her and her boss, without any success. They were especially concerned when her Facebook account, which usually showed more than one post per day, went completely silent. She was reported missing by her parents on July 10.

Officers in Oxnard were going to travel to Santa Monica on Wednesday to follow up leads, when a witness reported spotting her car in Oregon at about 3:20 a.m. VadBunker was located in a motel in Deschutes County. An unidentified man alleged that he saw her with another woman, whose identity is yet to be released.

VadBunker assured officers in Oregon and Oxnard of her well-being.