SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Police Department is looking to hire Forensic Specialists. Applications are being accepted until Friday, April 26 via the online application process. Only the first 100 qualified applications received will be accepted for further consideration.

The position involves performing technical fingerprinting, photographic, video and computer graphic tasks related to criminal investigation. Identifying, documents, collecting, and preserves physical and biological evidence. They will perform laboratory analysis for developing latent fingerprints by using conventional techniques. In addition to fingerprint comparisons associated with the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

Duties for this position include:

-Conducts complex crime scene investigations and utilizes specialized techniques in recognizing, searching, documenting, collecting and preserving physical and biological evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, firearms evidence, plant material, blood spatters, tool mark, and tire track impressions.

-Makes casts of footprints and other impression evidence.

-Documents crime scene utilizing conventional, digital photography including forensic videotaping.

-Performs crime scene sketching and diagraming with the assistance of computer aided software.

-Performs field and laboratory analysis of physical evidence collected at crime scenes and performs subsequent chemical processing for the detection of latent fingerprints, including laser applications such as the use of alternate light sources (ALS).

-Performs presumptive chemical analysis on various types of substances including blood, semen and saliva.

-Produces and stores digital photography using digital image archiving software, video storage. Produces crime scene charts and enlargements.

-Testifies in court as an expert witness in the areas of latent fingerprint analysis, crime scene investigation including the documentation, collection, and preservation of crime scene evidence and/or the results of forensic examination/findings.

-Processes and compares fingerprints found at crime scenes and coordinates with representatives of other law enforcement agencies in the identification of suspects through comparison of fingerprints and in the use of Automated Finger Print Identification Systems (AFIS) and the CAL-ID AFIS system and Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

-Prepares court exhibits to depict crime scenes, including latent print comparison charts.

-Prepares detailed reports of crime scene investigation and of the forensic analysis performed.

-Conducts training programs.

Applicants should be in possession of a Possession of a valid Class C driver license and graduated from high school or equivalent. Four years of recent, paid work experience performing fingerprint identification and related photographic work and processing crime scenes for physical evidence.

An Associate’s degree in criminal justice or forensic science or 30 semester units of college level course work in fingerprint classification and identification or a closely related field will substitute for two years of the required work experience. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science or a closely related field will substitute for the four years of required work experience.

All applicants must submit an online city application and required supplemental questions to be considered for this position. Applications can be rejected if incomplete. Resumes, CVs and cover letters are not reviewed as part of the application screening process and should not be submitted.

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