SANTA MONICA—On Wednesday, March 10, the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) will host an event to educate the community on deterring catalytic converter thefts. 

According to SMPD, there has been recent thefts on catalytic converters and as a result SMPD community affairs team that consists of Santa Monica’s Neighborhood Resource Officers (NRO) and Crime Prevention Coordinators (CPC) has created this event called “Etch & Catch.” 

The event will educate Santa Monica and the surrounding community on deterring catalytic converter thefts by teaching them how etching a converter with a vehicle license plate number will better help identify stolen converters. 

The reason why there are recent thefts on catalytic converters is because converters are valued and precious scrap metals like platinum and palladium. 

In a press release from the SMPD, they stated the following:

“Etching a converter may deter theft. Catalytic converters do not have unique serial numbers or identifiable markings, making it difficult for law enforcement officers to return the property to the owner when suspects are arrested with these stolen vehicle parts in their possession. The presence of license plate numbers of catalytic converts can provide police with the information needed to identify stolen property, contact victims, and apprehend/prosecute criminals.” 

Etch & Catch will take place at Firestone Complete Auto Care at 1817 Lincoln Blvd. on Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is by appointment only and already booked. Etch & Catch tries to make all make and model vehicles eligible for this program.