SANTA MONICA— Santa Monica Public Library created a series of online programs titled “What’s Next: Steps For the Recently Unemployed” on May 18 in order to assist recently unemployed community members.

In a press release from the city’s official website, the library announced that the programs would include an on-demand webinar to inform members of potential unemployment benefits they may receive. The webinar would also help users learn about new legislation passed in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as disability insurance, disability leave and sick leave under both new and established law.

The program has also helped users understand the process of applying for health coverage for those who are uninsured. On May 26, users will also be provided with assistance in finding a new job. Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless and low-income individuals to find and retain employment, will provide resume resources and job searching tips.

The resources are available at

The programs were created in response to the significant impact the pandemic has had on the city’s workers. According to a Southern California Association of Governments report released on May 14, 25% of Santa Monica’s workforce are employed in the “highest impacted sectors.” Officials have also initiated cuts to city services and laid-off hundreds of workers to address a $224 million budget gap through June 2022.