SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica renewed its contract with Conduent Services to continue providing curbside parking and citation management, as stated in an August 11 press release by Conduent Services.

Conduent announced they were selected “by the City of Santa Monica, California, to continue providing intelligent parking and curbside management systems and services.” The renewed contract is for five years with an extension option for four additional years.

With this new contract, Conduent announced they will expand both online and mobile access to manage their account and pay citations. The online and mobile options “will make it easier for customers to resolve parking citations and manage parking permits,” Conduent said. The website to citations will also host a payment plan application for overdue citations, an application for parking permits, and live customer service.

“Our partnership with Conduent has been instrumental in helping optimize our parking program and offering our customers easy-to-use systems to resolve their parking citations and procure various parking permits offered by the City…We are very pleased that our online customer access, provided by Conduent, has received numerous compliments for readability and ease of use,” said Santa Monica Parking Manager Henry Servin.

Conduent has been employed by the city of Santa Monica since 2004 to manage curbside parking, process parking permit applications, and facilitate and create payment plans for residents.

“Building on our long-term partnership with Santa Monica, we’ll continue to elevate the customer experience while improving the effectiveness of the program for the City,” said Mark Brewer, an executive at Conduent.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Oakland all contract Conduent Services for various transit, parking, and tolling services.