SANTA MONICA⁠ — On June 4, Interim City Manager and Director of Emergency Services Lane Dilg issued a supplemental emergency order. The goal is to expedite business recovery by fast-tracking permits and eliminating fees. 

These measures specifically extend aid to Santa Monica businesses that suffered damages during “last week’s civil unrest”, according to the press release. The city estimates that on May 31 alone, “more than 250 businesses in the City suffered an estimated $11.5 million in exterior damage.”

AirMap offices burned down late on Sunday, May 31 in Santa Monica. Photo Courtesy of DR1 Team on Twitter

The supplement specifically applies to Civil Unrest Repair Permits. The order defines these as “a permit relating to the repair of damages caused to buildings resulting from civil unrest following the May 30, 2020 declaration of local emergency.”

To be eligible for a waiver, business owners must submit an application no later than 60 days from June, 4.

Additionally, permits will not be subjected to approval from the Architectural Review Board or the Landmarks Commission in certain cases. Those whose buildings are not a City-Designated Historic Resource have fewer restrictions on the replacement of existing materials with like materials and alterations of façades in certain districts.

The Planning Director or Designee has the final word on the approval of a permit. The Order will remain in effect until August 3, 2020, unless extended.