HOLLYWOOD—I’ll admit it, last week’s episode of “Scream: The TV Series” left me reeling with the unexpected death of Riley. She was a character I actually liked, but the mayhem has only begun. In the latest episode, ‘Aftermath,’ the teens of Lakewood were forced to face tragedy once again.

Emma was a complete mess after realizing the game that she played resulted in the death of one of her friends. The news left Noah an uncontrollable mess, as Audrey did her best to console her pal. At the crash scene, authorities found the mask of Brandon James next to Tyler O’Neil’s body. Brooke took the loss of the friend hard; I never thought that girl was capable of caring about anyone, but herself.

Noah attempted to reason why Riley was dead, with Audrey as his consoler. Will and Jake were slightly relieved that the people who could ruin their lives can no longer release any details. The authorities did their best to ensure the public that the murders are over, but Audrey and Emma were well aware the bloodbath has just started. Brooke was startled when she received a text indicating the popular kids at school were being eliminated and that she and Emma were next on the list.

Piper Shay once again did her best to be Gale Weathers, but she’s more annoying than interesting in my opinion. Emma received an old yearbook in the mail with photos of her mother and father, not to mention that message, “The Truth Lies Where The Mask Was Made.” So does the killer want to be caught or is he/she looking to lure the teens into a trap? She alerted Noah and Audrey about the latest developments. The trio decided that they should visit the facility where the town’s notorious serial killer had his mask made.

Looks like Will and Jake have a video that can send waves in town especially if they choose to unleash it. Will was accepted to Duke and desperately needed funding, while it appeared Jake was eager to raise hell. Well isn’t that a first, Audrey and Emma decided to venture into the abandoned hospital all alone. That’s never been seen in a horror flick. The ladies were startled by a trail of blood that led to a face of Brandon James and a gutted pig, where the heart and head were missing. They went on attack mode when they heard strange sounds, but it turned out to be Noah.

Noah explained that the hospital was a possible lair for the villain, but things looked staged. I loved the “Pretty Little Liars” reference though. They soon realized that Emma was the star of the killer’s intention and located Nina’s laptop with exclusive videos. Hmm, looks like Jake and Will are looking guiltier by the minute. The trio soon discovered Tyler’s head, but not before running into Sheriff Hudson, who was peeved by the teen’s ability to take matters into their own hands.

Brooke’s father did his best to connect with his daughter who remained distant; the audience soon learns that dear ole dad is being blackmailed by a mysterious party, but I’m certain that Will and Jake are behind it. Riley’s death has impacted Brooke in a way she least expected, and I’m starting to grow on the teen. She met up with Jake to acknowledge she wanted to change. Emma did her best to convince Piper to stay in town because there is more to the story that she doesn’t quite know yet.

Audrey and Noah worked hard to gain access to one of the files they retrieved from the Nina’s laptop and were stunned to discover a video that was accidently uploaded to the entire social media sphere containing Will and Emma getting hot and heavy. Wow, that was unexpected.  A bit ironic to say the least, Audrey’s life was ruined by a video, and now Emma’s is certain to be impacted. So no bodies this week, but I have a feeling someone else in Lakewood will bid adieu in next week’s episode. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lovers!