HOLLYWOOD—Its week three, and the chaos on “Scream: The TV Series” continues to intensify. The episode, ‘Wanna Play a Game’ opened with tense scene with two students being murdered in gory fashion by Brandon James. So it was a flashback, clever trick by the writers. Noah shared all the details with Piper Shay who seemed too fascinated by the town of Lakewood.’ Why do I have a feeling she knows more about the story than she is willing to reveal to others?

Maggie revealed to Sheriff Hudson that Rachel was murdered and Emma heard all the details; she even learned about the mysterious package that arrived at her mother’s doorstep. She received a text from the killer who seems to know everything that is transpiring in her personal life.

Brooke decided to have a bit of cybersex with Mr. Branson. She decided to up the stakes by revealing a risqué picture of herself was hidden in his classroom. As the list of suspects grows, Jake was seen retrieving a box that he buried; something he hoped would stay buried was unearthed. Audrey was grieving Rachel’s death and was a bit surprised to see Emma halt her from committing suicide.

She dropped a bomb on her friend that Rachel was murdered. Audrey pried and learned that she is being threatened, and decided to convince Emma to call the killer’s bluff. Jake paid Will a visit and learned that the money they buried disappeared, as a result of their business venture. Mr. Branson searched through the classroom without being coy about it. Lucky him, he located the picture behind Shakespeare.

Emma asked Kieran to help her discover details about Brandon James, which made Will slightly jealous. The audience finally got a glimpse of what James looked like beyond the mask. Emma learned that her mother was Brandon’s obsession. Jake put a bit of doubt in Brooke’s head about her relationship with Mr. Branson. Not good, not good at all because Brooke looks vengeful.

Our heroine decided to confront her mother about her past, and the role her father possibly played into the mystery. She received another call from the killer who alerted her that keeping quiet is key to protecting those she cares about. Noah and Riley got closer, but a text from ‘Tyler’ interrupted things. Emma, Riley, Brooke, Jake and Will all discussed the possibility that Tyler isn’t Tyler.

These kids are quite stupid to say the least. For once, someone is thinking with their brain, and alerting the authorities about what is transpiring. A plan was devised to lure Tyler out of hiding. Guess what Lakewood residents, he’s already dead!

Will and Jake secretly met, where it became apparent neither trusted the other. Authorities implemented a stakeout, but fell right into the killer’s clutches. Brooke received an anonymous text, which probably didn’t come from Mr. Branson. The body count might be rising to say the least. Emma panicked when she realized the killer was forcing her to choose between Brooke and Riley, and like that Emma gave Riley to the killer. Brooke got dressed in a costume that was set out for her, little did she know the game that was about to be played.

Riley then found herself face-to-face with the killer, and found herself stabbed multiple times as she did her best to attract the attention of a janitor inside the building. She managed to call Noah, but not before she bled to death on the rooftop. What the hell, this is a sheriff’s station? Where are all the police officers when you need them? I will admit the death of Riley was one that stung to the core to say the least. The audience never likes to see a character you care about and somewhat like die in brutal fashion.

Emma discovered her friend’s body at the top of the sheriff’s station, just as police tracked Tyler’s vehicle to a epic explosion. I must say I’m now hooked! Until next Tuesday “Scream” lovers!