HOLLYWOOD—Man, the second season of the MTV Series “Scream” has been a hoot to watch, it’s been far better than the first season. After nearly 2 months of waiting, the killer was unmasked in the season two finale, ‘When a Stranger Calls.’ If you have not watched the episode STOP READING NOW AS SPOILERS ARE COMING! The killer was KIERAN, Emma’s boyfriend! This is a whopper of a reveal, so let’s decipher it a bit.

The finale kicked off with Emma and Audrey being transported by the authorities, but the killer caused a diversion that led to a crash that placed the ladies on the most wanted list. The killer watched the girls as they entered the gas station and made a call warning them if they get caught someone they cared about would die.

Brooke did not look to be in a good place, especially after learning about her dad’s death. You’re looking quite guilty Gustavo. Diverting the attention on Audrey is not a good idea Gustavo. Gosh this guy screams killer, but when you’re dealing with a murder mystery he’s way too easy. Emma snuck in to see Kieran. Hmm, not a coincidence that Eli has vanished people, and he suddenly arrived back home and overheard his cousin talking to someone.

Emma and Audrey hid in the theater to figure out their next play, just as Brooke and Noah discussed their respective losses. Noah received a call from Emma who alerted him that they are hiding out otherwise the killer will target them. It was apparent that Noah and Brooke would not sit back and watch with their friends in trouble. Maggie was livid that Miguel searched her house thinking that her daughter was a killer, too bad the actual culprit might be his son. Well the Lakewood 5 are all here, Kieran, Brooke, Emma, Audrey and Noah. Looks like the killer has set the stage for the final act, and Emma was ready to fight. Man I can’t believe I’m saying this; the TV series is like way better than the film version of “Scream.”

Noah went a bit Meta, where the friends began to question who the killer could truly be, and the waiting game started to weigh on the survivors. Noah and Brooke discussed that two killers could be at large. Hmm, Gustavo stopped by the movie theater, but it was apparent that Brooke was surprised that he had a text asking him to arrive at the theater. Noah made it clear not to let him in, but Brooke seemed skeptical. Screams from a distance left everyone in a panic. Whoa, the killer was screening a movie of all his infamous kills. Kieran split, than Audrey and then Emma. Do these people want to die, what the hell?

The killer was finally unmasked in the season two finale of "Scream: The TV Series."
The killer was finally unmasked in the season two finale of “Scream: The TV Series.”

Emma turned off the footage, but the theater went dark as Noah and Brooke were attacked. Emma put on her Sigourney Weaver and chased after the killer firing shots along the way. Brooke was injured, but she’s not dead. Emma bolted when the police arrived, and it looks like Audrey is either MIA or has been captured by the killer. We know for a fact that Noah isn’t the killer, but Gustavo poured on the waterworks at the hospital. Noah picked the brain of Sheriff Miguel and pointed out that Eli could be a culprit in the murders.

Emma received a picture from the killer who had Audrey in her possession. And the time has finally come people, the revelation we’ve been eagerly waiting for, the killer unmasked. Emma found herself back at that abandoned school where Piper grew up, and refused to divulge to Kieran where she was located out of fear of someone else being killed.

The killer taunted Emma, and went in for the attack, but Emma was not backing down people. Darn, this episode is so good. She entered a room where she found Audrey tied up and drugged, how the hell did Kieran find Emma people, and Eli is also in the mix. Are you telling me these two are working together? Emma fired a shot at Eli taking him out. It became apparent that KIERAN WAS THE KILLER! He took out Eli, and the truth started to come out. Piper and Kieran were lovers, oh that is creepy. He was sleeping with both sisters at once, and he planned his fairy tale ending. Not before Audrey staged a distraction that allowed Emma to escape.

She managed to nab the gun, just as Audrey wrapped her chains around Kieran’s throat trapping him. Emma was ready to pull the trigger, but instead decided to have him locked away. Guess, I was totally wrong, because I was totally hoodwinked on the possibility of Kieran being the killer, but when you think about it he always showed up at the most unexpected moments!

The final moments of the episode saw the Lakewood survivors do their best to get back to normalcy. However, something tells me there is much more to the story than we suspect. Why? Maggie found that knife in the tree with blood on it. Just as Kieran received a call, from what looks to be the newest killer or the mastermind ready to cause havoc in Lakewood yet again.

Why does my gut tell me it’s Brandon James himself ready to avenge his daughter once and for all? Seriously, hoping we get a third installment to this series because season two might have been the best thing I watched the entire summer. Fingers crossed for another installment come next summer “Scream” lunatics!