HOLLYWOOD—Last week Audrey learned a valuable lesson on “Scream: The TV Series,” this killer is not messing around. This week’s episode, ‘Happy Birthday To Me’ saw Audrey getting rid of the evidence involving the killer’s latest victim, by burying it. Doesn’t Audrey know nothing ever stays buried? She awoke from sleep to find the murder weapon laying in her bed, and a nifty scar on her thigh as a reminder from the killer; she’s in their clutches.

Emma had another vivid dream where she feared Kieran had been murdered. Emma found herself caught in the middle of another fight between her mother and her father, which left her venting a bit of rage. Looks like Kieran is concerned about Eli divulging secrets about his past. Could that drive someone to murder?

Brooke looked to still be clinging to hope that she could salvage her relationship with Jake, by texting to someone who isn’t Jake at all. Wouldn’t it be smart for her to maybe go to Jake’s parents to see what is really going on? Eli played puppet master to get Emma to throw Kieran a birthday bash to suit his needs, not his cousin.

Audrey got another text from the killer while in study hall, and honed her attention on Gustavo. Audrey faked a fire alarm in her attempt to get a peek at Gustavo’s belongings, and noticed pictures of the Lakewood Six, particularly a gruesome photo of Emma with a knife through the skull. Things between Noah and Zoe continued to spark, but will he be lucky this time around or will Deja vu repeat itself?

Finally, someone went to check on the whereabouts of Jake, but got no response, that is the first clue that death has returned to the town of Lakewood. Hmm, looks like Eli and Emma are getting close, wonder how Kieran will feel about that.

Emma ventured out into the woods where she recalled flashy images from her childhood, not to mention the face of the killer that left her rattled. For a moment, she suspected it was just a dream, but it became quite realistic that the killer wanted her dead. Thankfully, Kevin came to her rescue, not before father and daughter came to a truce and he revealed that he was planning to go away to seek treatment.

That party for Kieran turned out to be a complete blowout, as the teens found themselves drugged and not fully aware of what they actually ingested. Brooke delivered news to the authorities that it was Jake who drugged the Tequila, just as Audrey stood up for Emma who was looking crazier by the moment. Thankfully, Audrey pointed the finger at Gustavo, who seemed uneased by all the attention. Can you believe that Audrey and Noah shared a kiss? Yeah, never expected that in a million years! Captain Fitzgerald became suspicious of his own son after discovering a Brandon James mask in his bedroom.

Our protagonist continued to question her sanity with Kieran, just as Eli spied on the couple from a distance. This guy is really starting to creep me out; I’m desperate to learn what his MO is. Just as Noah expected things to move in the right direction with Zoe, she decided to pump the brakes on things. Gustavo and Brooke are indeed getting much closer, people.

Eli did his best to apologize for coming onto Emma and causing a rift between her relationship with her boyfriend, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Brooke got the shock of her life when she was ushered onto the stage and stunned when she was drenched in blood. That blood was from her boyfriend Jake, as his brutally mutilated body dropped to the stage, shocking the entire student body. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode, which sees the entire student body on lockdown as the big secret is now out in the open: a killer is on the loose. Until next Monday “Scream” lunatics!