HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Noah gained the clue that would change his friendship with Audrey forever, learning that his pal was a possible co-conspirator with Piper. This week’s episode ‘Jeepers Creepers’ saw Audrey start to crumble, Brooke unleash her frustration and Noah question his relationship with Audrey, as the killer’s game intensified.

Emma received a phone call from the killer who continued to taunt her about her suspicious of those who she can and cannot trust. She divulged to Kieran that the killer called her once again, and that the killer is tormenting her on a personal level. Emma paid Noah a visit and discovered that he suspected that Audrey was the link to Piper, and she was floored to say the least.

Could her best friend truly be a killer? Brooke received a visit from Emma where she made it clear she was willing to go to great lengths to find out what transpired to her boyfriend. Looks like Miguel is keeping secrets regarding Jake. Noah decided to play spy, but Audrey was well aware of what he was up to. Just come out and say it already: you’re Piper’s alias. He decided to slip Audrey’s phone back into her purse. Noah and Emma decided to text Eddie hoping to learn if Audrey is the culprit, but little do they know Eddie is already DEAD!

Looks like Kieran’s aunt is getting cozy with Mayor Maddox, I wonder just what this woman’s angle is. Brooke and Gustavo got closer once again, as she asked him to dig into Mr. Branson’s file to see if he can locate anything out of the ordinary. Miguel was a bit frustrated that Kieran is not willing to give the authorities the information they need to locate the killer. Gustavo got details for Brooke regarding Seth who has been hooking up with Ms. Lang (the psych teacher)!

While purchasing a new phone, Audrey was stunned to find her missing phone in her purse. The tension between Audrey and Gustavo was so thick you could sense it from miles away. He divulged to Audrey that Jake’s killer is telling a story, weaving the narrative. She did not like hearing that Gustavo was looking into her as a possible killer.

Brooke delivered the performance of a lifetime to Ms. Lang as she did her best to push her teacher’s buttons about her relationship with Seth Branson. Oh, Ms. Lang was pissed to say the least people, and Brooke led Seth into a trap that was so easy it left me wondering. Emma snuck out the house to meet Noah, but a flat tire halted her. Noah ventured into the freak show hoping to get Eddie to confess. Now, Noah why in the hell would you venture into the house of mirrors of all places; smart idea, as he backed out, only to be drugged by the killer who was waiting in his vehicle.

Mr. Branson fell for Brooke’s trap and she tortured him to get the goods on what secrets he was hiding. Seth divulged that Jake was secretly paying him off to stay away from Brooke. Kieran was not happy to hear Emma reveal that Audrey could be a killer and he asked her to not go see Eddie, but we know that wasn’t going to happen people! Ok, Gustavo is quite weird to say the least. I mean seriously! He’s taking photos with the Brandon James mask on.

Noah found himself tied to a ride in the amusement park, but he was not alone, as he soon discovered Audrey was also drugged and being held captive. Noah furiously fought to rescue himself and his pal, and he asked Audrey to reveal the truth. She revealed the dirty truth, just as Emma arrived wondering where her pal was. Looks like the three amigos will be the ones to solve this case that is unless one of them bites it sooner than later. Noah confessed his feelings for Audrey, who revealed she cares about him, but only as a friend. Audrey was about to reveal a secret to Noah, but heard Emma’s voice.

Oh my God, Audrey you are one sick twisted b****! She drugged Noah and acted as if she was tied up, but she wasn’t. Which was not good, why? Emma came face-to-face with the killer who lured Noah and Emma into a trap. Emma, Audrey and Noah ran into each other, and surprise, Kieran is on the scene. Ok, that is just way to convenient. I’m seriously starting to suspect, him, but the bigger question is WHY?

Whoa, the killer is going to great lengths to frame Emma, and it looks like Kieran might be giving Miguel precisely what he needs to fall into the hands of the killer. Audrey finally confessed to Noah that the killer has been tormenting her because she brought Piper to Lakewood to research a documentary about Brandon James. Yes Audrey, guilt will eat away at the soul in a way that one least expects. Noah was a shoulder to lean on for his BFF in her time of need. Wow, Noah had no clue that he left his podcast on, so the entire confession was heard through the airwaves!

The final moments of the episode saw the killer enter the hotel room where Brooke secretly kept Seth handcuffed. Jeez, this was a brutal death to say the least as the killer sliced off Seth’s hand, before burning it with an iron. Ugh, that scene definitely had me cringing as it unfolded. Next week looks more twisted, as Zoe learns Audrey’s secret and Miguel knows that Maggie is keeping yet another whopper of a secret. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics!