HOLLYWOOD—This whole idea of is he or isn’t he alive is driving me nuts on “General Hospital.” The audience knows 2000 percent that Ryan Chamberlain is very much alive and biting his time before he makes his unspeakable return to Port Charles, and cause more chaos. Laura and Curtis have gone to great lengths to locate Ryan to no success. We know someone was watching inside that house, not to mention, Ryan has gotten the medication to treat his severed hand.

What bothers me is WE KNOW RYAN IS ALIVE, so why not just give us a glimpse and not continue to tease us? This ruse to lure Ryan back to town might be the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen in the soap arena. I mean Kevin is actually playing along with this scheme knowing that his brother is a sociopath and has a penance for murder. Why aggravate someone of his magnitude if you don’t have to? Ava Jerome is really playing it up; I mean the pictures, the innocent kisses and not so innocent kisses. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that the writers are actually trying to pair Kevin and Ava as a couple? The audience got a major tease because while on a hot trail, Curtis and Laura stumbled upon the body of Ryan’s so called accomplice, Curtis was knocked out cold and Laura was frightened to the core.

Other amazing news to discuss is the return of Jasper Jacks. Yes, Jax has returned to town to console his daughter Josslyn who is grieving the death of Oscar. For now, no war has erupted for Sonny and Jax yet. Give it time people. That tribute that the writers of “GH” put together in memory of Oscar was heartfelt moving and just great. I thought Oscar’s passing was going to come and go, but the way that the writers have handled things with care, sympathy and just empathy is a testament to strong writing.

Nina is still poking the dagger at Willow for reasons I cannot fathom, and as so many of us have speculated, it appears Willow is indeed Nina’s long lost daughter, but neither of them know it yet. I thought Willow and Chase were building a bond, but it looks like the bond between Willow and Michael is growing. We know this all goes back to Wiley, who Willow is certain is the child that Brad and Lucas adopted from her. Nope, not so, and it seems Willow’s baby bombshell might rear its ugly head very soon.

Why? Shiloh suffered a major setback for Dawn of Day, with Kristina withdrawing from the cult after hearing Willow share her tale how Shiloh basically raped her and branded her ‘his.’ Kristina asked for her pledge back, but Shiloh wasn’t budging. Hmm, this makes me wonder now; whose secret did Kristina give to Shiloh. We all think it’s Sonny, but what if it was Jason, Sam or Alexis? Making matters more complicated is Sam’s decision to take Shiloh down at all costs. Kristina is no longer immersed in the cult, but Brad is becoming more entangled in Shiloh’s web, and I think Sam wants to stick it to the guy who attempted to take advantage of her sister.

Things have been slow on “GH” for May sweeps, but it looks like that slow burn is about to intensify as the big celebration for the Nurses Ball approaches. This has been the catalyst for major secrets in the past. Anyone remember Elizabeth learning the truth about Jason’s identity? Oh, and the biggest news of the week is the return of Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) who is about to deliver a bomb to Finn’s world. Why? She left town suddenly, but we know she was pregnant. Finn suspects she lost that baby, but that ain’t so, and when that bundle of joy and Hayden return to PC, Finn and Anna’s world will explode in ways I can only imagine.