CALIFORNIA—Starting his weekend, according to CBS Los Angeles, all golf courses as well as trails will be open to the public Saturday May 9. LA county regional, community, and local parks will also be open to the public on Sunday May 10 for “passive use” activities. This includes walking, jogging, running, and leisure time. Social distancing will be enforced so no social gatherings will be permitted.

This is the second phase of Governor Newsom’s four phase reopening plan. This second phase includes the opening of businesses like clothing stores, music stores, sporting good stores, toy stores, book stores, as well as florists. However, only for curbside pick up. These kinds of businesses and workplaces are allowed to reopen because they have been deemed as “low risk” which means social distancing guidelines are easy to adhere to while customers and employees are in the building.

The county’s four botanical gardens: Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Descanso Gardens, the South Coast Botanical Gardens and Virginia Robinson Gardens will not reopen and remain closed indefinitely.

California has been on “lockdown” since March 20. That means for roughly fifty six days, about forty million California residents have remained in their dwellings in an attempt to mitigate any further spread of the coronavirus.