HOLLYWOOD—I speculated on the notion that Shiloh might be linked to a familiar face in Port Charles and we know have the official answer: it’s to Willow Tait. Yup, “General Hospital’ finally revealed that Willow was a member of Dawn of Day, and when she learned about Shiloh’s presence it caused her skin to crawl and not in a good way America. Shiloh who at first seemed genuine is a complete creep America. He has the people in his cult wrapped around his finger, notably Kristina who is just spiraling down a darker path each day.

She has virtually cut off everyone in her family expect Sam and that’s because her sister has made it her goal to infiltrate the organization to protect her sister and prevent Shiloh for doing something drastic. Sam is charming this guy, who for reasons I cannot pinpoint fails to see he’s being played big time. Shiloh is implementing himself more and more into Sam’s orbit, first it was Kristina, now he has Brad and even Danny singing his praises.

As a result, Jason nearly snapped Shiloh’s neck when he provoked him. Shiloh you might want to steer clear of Jason and his kids because if you threaten them he’ll make you vanish without a trace and not in a good way. Sam worked her magic to get Shiloh to not press charges, as Jason’s plan to scare his enemy came front and center. Let’s return to the conversation of Willow, she was startled when Shiloh visited her classroom talking about their past, which was interrupted by the arrival of Chase. Willow was ready to leave town, but she found the courage to maintain her hand and fight for life that she has created for herself.

Chase finally used his detective skills and pinpointed that Shiloh was the father of Willow’s child she gave up for adoption. There is one major problem that has yet to explode: Wiley is Willow’s son, he belongs to Michael. So what does this mean? I sense the narrative going down a path where Shiloh learns from some third party that Willow had his child and connects the dots to discover the Brad’s son is actually his.

As a result, a crazy kidnapping transpires where Brad is forced to reveal the truth and utter and I mean utter hell explodes. How so? Sonny learns Julian kept the secret, Michael is floored, Carly is out for blood and Nelle, well I sense she’ll make a return that will leave Port Charles talking for days. With Willow being a thorn in Shiloh’s side, I’m hoping she’ll have a conversation with Kristina to force her to see the light of day. Shiloh has gotten Kristina to give one of her deepest darkest secrets about her family, just as her ‘mentor’ dropped the bomb she had to give $10,000 to the group. Hmm, wonder who she would turn to? It was Julian of all people, who won’t spill that tea to anyone out of fear of retaliation.

So with Kristina falling deeper and deeper, Michael has decided to infiltrate the cult, just as Sonny has an ace up his sleeve who might be able to help. However, who would have ever expected District Attorney Margaux Dawson to join the mix. Something tells me there might be a connection between these two that no one knows about. I’m eager to see how this plays out.

Let’s turn back to perhaps the biggest disappointment of all time. Dante Falconeri just returned to town, and he’s gone already. Lulu was happy for a moment, but realized that her hubby was not himself. The same applied for Jason and Carly who saw Dante spiral at the Metro Court. A brief conversation with Anna led to Dante realizing he has been brainwashed and in desperate need of help. So as soon as he returned to PC, he’s already out. I really hope that was not Dante’s swan song because if it was that was a terrible and I mean terrible exit America.

Perhaps the biggest news that we have to talk is not just on “General Hospital,” but I in the soap arena. Michelle Stafford will be exiting her role as Nina Reeves and resuming the role of Phyllis Summers on “The Young and the Restless.” Yes, Gina Tognoni is out, and Stafford is back in, and this brings major shakeups in the narrative. Maxie got the results of that DNA test that Nina learned about and she wanted answers to say the least. However, the egg was on Valentin and Sasha’s faces when the test results were revealed. Why? It said Sasha was her daughter, and neither of those two knew about the secret test, so who swooped in to fix the results. I’m dying to know!

The audience knows that Sasha is NOT Nina’s daughter so if those DNA results say otherwise, we know they were fixed and I’m dying to know how Valentin pulled this ruse off America. Kevin is facing the music for his decision to keep Ryan Chamberlain a secret from the rest of the world and he is being represented by a familiar face Nora Buchanan, yeah, the same woman who represented Valentin, which makes me wonder if Nora’s arrival cannot be a coincidence. At this point it seems Valentin’s secrets will only surface during his nuptials to Nina, I mean we always know a wedding never and I mean never goes off without a hitch, and with May sweeps around the corner we should expect plenty of surprises.