HOLLYWOOD—I called it people, I knew Carly Corinthos would be the person to connect the dots involving Harmony, Willow and Nina on “General Hospital.” That is right, Harmony is spiraling out of control after she murdered Brendon, Neil’s brother who had that file proving that Harmony is NOT Willow’s real mother, Nina is. Nina is just poking the fire with her custody battle to have rights to Wiley, not realizing she is estranging herself from her daughter who has been under her eyes all along.

Yes, Willow is starting to despise Nina and that is NOT a good thing people, especially when this truth bomb comes out, and trust me Carly will deliver the bomb with delicious revenge in her sights. The woman who blew her marriage and family apart is about to have her world blown apart and the repercussions are going to be epic. I mean Willow is about to learn that Nelle was her sister and that Wiley is her nephew.  Not to mention the woman she has had animosity for years with is her birth mom. I have my popcorn ready because I cannot wait till this bomb is dropped people, it will be glorious TV.

Let us go back to Harmony for a second because she has lost it and Alexis, Sam and Carly all picked up on those antics, just as Carly spotted the woman trying to torch a file. Yeah, when you torch something it’s for a reason and when Carly’s wheels get churning there is no stopping. Carly spotted Harmony trying to torch files, that she got a glimpse of and that led to a drugging, but Alexis realizing her ‘friend’ was off confronted her and secrets were revealed. Carly was about to be dumped off a cliff if it weren’t for Alexis intervening, and it ultimately led to an epic battle people.

Michael is brokering piece with Nina to prevent more chaos in his son’s life, I mean Nina failed to realize her daughter Nelle upended Wiley’s life by making Michael think he was dead people. So Nina is really playing with fire and Scott might be a good lawyer, but he cannot help you when it comes to family dynamics. However, Michael has erupted with rage at Sonny and has cut him out of his life. These two have always had a contentious relationship America, ever since Michael discovered Sonny was responsible for fatally shooting his actual birth father AJ Quartermaine, and it has only gotten worse.

We’ve spent enough time on this matter, let’s talk about Ava and Nikolas. It is so obvious Nikolas is falling for Esme’s charm and the writers are headed in some direction where the two will ultimately land in bed together, much to Spencer and Ava’s chagrin. Ava is not happy right now, she’s riled up by Esme who she knows has weaseled her way into her life, but only if Ava knew it was a direct result of Ryan Chamberlain would she be more concerned.

Everyone in Port Charles knows Esme leaked that video, but proving Trina’s innocence is going to be much harder than expected America. Where is Spinelli when you need him to utilize his high-tech skills to expose the truth? I mean Sonny, Carly, utilize your magic people please already. Spencer has apparently seen the light of day and is working on a plan to expose Esme which he spilled to Cameron. However, Cameron doesn’t like lying and a brawl erupted as a result and both landed in a jail cell. I guess it is indeed a good thing to have the mayor as your grandmother people.

Valentin is keeping secrets from Anna, and quite frankly I have no idea why. This storyline is not making much sense to me at the moment, so I’m hoping to have an explanation a bit sooner than later as to what the hell is going on with Valentin, the Ice Princess, Victor Cassadine, Luke Spencer and Jennifer Smith. Yeah, it’s a mouthful people I know.

Elizabeth is still be haunted by ‘Franco’ and we seem to be getting closer to the reality that Liz suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder people. Jake and Aiden have teamed up with Chase to expose the culprit. Yeah, what is going on with Chase and Brook Lynn? Their romance has seemed to fizzle when it should be erupting in flames; these two are great together and the writers have been playing with this romance for more than a year now, let’s see them take things to the next level already.

Curtis is playing with the Devil aka Selina Wu to get information on Marshall who is ready to vacate town to protect the truth from coming out people. Like I said before, this tale is also dragging, at least let the audience in on the secret that Marshall and Stella are keeping instead of not letting anyone know what is taking place at all. When he dropped the tea it was the fact that Marshall was apparently arrested and suffered from some mental health issues. Really “GH” you cannot tell me that was the big epic bomb you have been holding onto for months in regards to Marshall and why he abandoned his family. There has to be more, much more to the story people.