STUDIO CITY—Selma Blair and her longtime boyfriend, Ron Carlson, were seen kissing kiss while wearing face masks on Sunday, May 10.

The “Cruel Intentions” star was spotted with her partner while going on a caffeine run. The pair waited for their drinks with their arms around each other. The mom-of-one was wearing black sweatpants which had the words “BEEN THERE!” running down one pant leg, with a tucked in athletic  backless, gray tank top, putty-colored Birkenstock sandals on her feet, and completed her ensemble with a black face mask and amber aviator sunglasses.

It was noted she was not seen wearing leg braces, which the actress uses to improve her walking capabilities. She has been spotted using the leg braces while out.

Carlson, who is a novelist, was sporting jeans and a white Henley top, Adidas trainers completing his day look in a bright orange baseball cap and black sunglasses. He wore a white TheraMask face mask.

Ron went to planta kiss on Selma through their face coverings, outside the Alfred coffee shop.