BEVERLY HILLS— A proposed senior housing facility near Roxbury Park has drawn concern from some neighbors. On Tuesday, July 7, the South Robertson Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee voted 4-1 in support of it. However, the hearing by the Department of City Planning has been postponed.

“The date of the hearing will be sometime in mid-August with the correct amount of assisted living units, which is 15,” said developer Leonard Rosenblatt of Rosenblatt Properties to the Beverly Hills Courier.

He also added: “We have changed this thing considerably. It’s more of a higher-end senior housing project. In my opinion, this is going to be the nicest senior housing project.” It would be 73,500-square-feet with a variety of amenities like a pool, solarium, gardens, and a yoga studio.

“It’s a heavily trafficked area and this would add hundreds more people who are coming here on a daily basis. When the City of Los Angeles wants to encourage elder care facilities, this is not what they want to do. It’s not appropriate for this neighborhood. It’s too big for this neighborhood. He just wants to push it through under the guise of saying it’s good for old people,” expressed Beverly Hills resident Cheri Lewis.

In response to the opposition, Rosenblatt said, “Mostly it’s negative because they don’t like change. I’m looking to do something really beautiful that maybe my wife and I will move into one day.”