UNITED STATES—The number of ranking factors and the volume of search engine requirements for online resources is increasing every year. Literally, 5-7 years ago, SEO optimization and website promotion were reduced to placing small texts on the promoted pages, spammed with key queries, as well as the bulk purchase of links. At the same time, the quality of donor sites was not particularly checked. It was relatively easy to reach the TOP 10 in Google back then, but now, due to strong competition, those days are irrevocably gone.

SEO optimization and website promotion — trends of 2021

1.   Site optimization for Google — expert, authoritative, reliable content

Search engines search for and show the most relevant pages that best suit the user’s intent. The better and more useful the content, the higher the audience engagement and the number of repeat sessions will be. You can learn more about qualitative content in this SEO blog as well as about other features of a good site. Google does not like and perceives negatively poorly written text and if the information on the page turns out to be inconsistent with the used search phrases, it will not show it in the search results.

2.   SEO optimization of a website with a focus on mobile devices

Several years have passed since the Mobile-Friendly Update, but even now, there are online resources that do not have a high-quality mobile version, especially self-written web platforms often do this.

In September 2019, Google launched the Mobile-First Index algorithm to encourage webmasters to create a functional, convenient and beautiful adaptive. Considering that the final transition to it is planned by March 2021, adaptation for mobile gadgets is a striking SEO trend nowadays.

3.   User experience affects rankings

Previously, Google has not publicly confirmed that user experience is one of the key behavioral factors affecting the ranking of web resources. In 2020, the situation has changed, and the Page Experience algorithm is planned to be released in the coming year. It is focused on improving the user experience and contains some requirements for Internet platforms.

4.   Schema and Open Graph microdata

Successful SEO optimization and website promotion in 2021 without the use of structured data is unlikely to be possible. In fact, micro-markup is not a new phenomenon. It helps the search engine understand the context of the page and better rank it. However, now its key value lies in the creation of an extended snippet that can significantly increase the traffic of the Internet resource. It is useful to analyze the trends of the previous years and use them. It might be reasonable to get SEO certification to understand what is worth your attention.

In Conclusion

SEO promotion trends do not stand still, changing every year, adjusting to innovations and updates of search engines, as well as user behavior and requests. To be at the TOP of the search results, you need not only to know about the trends for the next year but also to adapt sites to the requirements of search engines, working out their usability, content, and technical parts.