HOLLYWOOD—Could this finally be the thing that takes down the great Sonny Corinthos on “General Hospital?” Yes, he has been on edge for months realizing that Charlie’s Pub, (which is owned by his nemesis Julian Jerome), might have the body of a man he killed years ago. So what’s the big problem? The body would have never been in that location if Mike, Sonny’s dad never moved it from the location where it was originally buried.

Mike is in a difficult situation battling Alzheimer’s, where he has good days and some are bad, really bad. As a result, he wanted to fix a major problem, and decided to cause a gas leak at the pub which led to an explosion. During that explosion, Kristina, who has returned to Port Charles nearly died as she attempted to retrieve that wrench that Mike left in the building. Luckily for her, Jason was close by and rescued Kristina in a nick of time. However, problems have arisen with Julian well aware that Sonny wanted his building all along to protect the truth from coming out. The situation is complicated more by the fact that Kristina is now working for Julian against both Sonny and Sam’s chagrin.

Sonny cannot really make a move, and it has Julian holding all the cards in his hands, but hasn’t Julian turned over a new leaf? I thought so, but we could soon see him return to the dark side, just like his sister Ava. Ava is livid with Kiki and Griffin over their betrayal, but like I said it is a long time coming. Ava has done so much dirt and literally gotten away with murder, this is retribution so she should just deal with it. Nope, she is out for blood and wants to punish Kiki and Griffin. That might be difficult. Why?

Griffin knows Ava held that blanket to protect Nelle, and he has vowed to share that tidbit if Ava does anything morally wrong. Ava that is what someone calls a checkmate, and the notion of Kiki and Griffin rekindling their friendship and perhaps living in the same building will NOT make Ava happy one single bit. Let’s talk a bit about the return of Robin Scorpio-Drake to Port Charles to confront her brother Peter. This was an interesting conversation to say the least because Peter seems genuine in his remorse and desire to bond with the sister he never knew he had, as well as Robin getting to know her brother. I mean Peter has a niece and nephew; he’s getting the family that he has always longed for, except he has cut Anna out of his life. Anna is trying, but it’s going to take major time to heal this wound.

We have to chat about Ryan Chamberlain, who has immersed himself in PC, as his twin brother Kevin. It’s crazy no one has picked up on this yet, but it appears Ryan has something crazy in the mix with targets that include Felicia, Lulu, Kevin, Laura and the great Lucy Coe. Yes, Lucy is back in town and has always been a thorn in Ryan’s orbit, but I feel his intent is to make Felicia’s life a living hell. If anyone can pick up on the deception, it should be Lucy as she knows Kevin Collins better than anyone in Port Charles. The audience has yet to see that interaction, but I suspect it is indeed coming in the very near future, and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

It seems the tale involving Oscar and his health crisis is moving full-force and audiences could be expecting a tearjerker in the very near future. Mike, totally had me fooled with that rant he emitted for DA Dawson and Jordan spiraling out of control. Sonny and Carly were livid with the officers of the law for pushing Mike to the brink, only to learn that Mike was putting on a performance to protect himself and his son from getting caught. This Kevin mystery is slowly building to what I hope can be a fantastic November sweeps.