HOLLYWOOD—We have been eagerly awaiting that moment where Sheila Carter would snap and go on the warpath, well soap fanatics the wait is over! In the past week, a lot has changed, Eric who initially served Quinn with divorce papers forgave his wife, and their reunion looks blissful, but I still wonder what level or resentment and hate he has for Ridge. Sheila was not pleased with the news at all, so much to the point that she threatened Charlie that anyone who gets in her way of becoming the next matriarch of the Forrester name will greatly pay. Let’s just say, Charlie was visibly scared by the admission.

That later transitioned to a confrontation between Quinn and Sheila at the Forrester mansion. Like I said, it’s about time the writers of “B&B” brought a character that will go toe-to-toe with Quinn who has done some heinous and devious things and gotten away without so much as a slap on the wrist. Do I even need to go through the laundry list of things this woman has done America?

I can’t recall the last time we’ve had an epic catfight of this magnitude on TV. When Quinn called Sheila a b**ch rage erupted in her eyes and Sheila went in for the kill delivering several slaps across Quinn’s face. The ladies tossed items, but in the end, it was Sheila who was on the receiving end of trauma to the head courtesy of an iPad of all devices people. Eric walked in on the melee and was stunned to find an unconscious Sheila on the floor bleeding from her head. The look of disappointment in his eyes has him questioning Quinn yet again people.

Perhaps Quinn suspects she got the upper-hand, but I suspect this was part of Sheila’s plan all along. The woman is a master manipulator and when it comes to getting what she wants, she finds a way to make that happen. Her injuries were so severe Eric was forced to come to his ex-wife’s aid yet again. This time he allows her to stay at the mansion while she recuperates.

However, Sheila never expected Eric to utilize a former lover of hers, Dr. James Warwick to conduct a mental evaluation on her condition. Hmm, something tells me that James should be doing a psych evaluation on Quinn as well. It is a welcoming trend to see “The Bold and the Beautiful” to bring back some faces from the past who made the soap the classic that it is today. I mean these are faces from the 1990s that helped put the soap on the map, with riveting storylines and flawed characters that we all can identify with.

I do want to touch on Bill Spencer’s dirty little lie, which is starting to spread like a wildfire people. Liam is aware that Caroline is not ill, and that his father told a major lie. This is the one time I always root for Liam because he is the voice of reason, wrong is wrong. Steffy of course wanted her hubby to stay out of it, as she is no fan of Sally. Steffy hates everyone; this is why I would LOVE for Hope Logan to return. She is the one female Steffy can’t compete with no matter how hard she tries. She is an angel to Liam and Wyatt compared to Steffy.

Caroline was livid with her uncles tactics, especially after realizing the lie was more to get his glorious building under construction. When she called him out, Bill actually showed a tinge of remorse people and that rarely happens. I mean we all know how this will play out. Liam will spill the beans to Thomas, who will be livid with Caroline and Steffy for telling such a lie, and it might cause Brooke to give Bill the cold shoulder, not to mention Ridge wanting to go to task with Bill for targeting his son. If it’s one thing you don’t do, it’s mess with Ridge’s children people.

So with Sheila and Bill in the driver seats of some major storylines, it’s just a matter of time before things explode in their faces America! “The Bold and the Beautiful” looks to be gearing things up for fall sweeps people, expect plenty of surprises along the way!