HOLLYWOOD—Either Sheila Carter is stupid or she is a genius on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why do I say that? She is literally jumping into the fire by hooking up with Deacon of all people. Sheila what the hell are you doing? Bill Spencer, who is perhaps the most ruthless person you will ever meet in your life, has granted you freedom. It is only made worse because you should be in prison for life because you committed murder and attempted murder on several people, and you still got a pop on the hand.

Bill only asked for your loyalty as a result. Now I’m still under some strange suspicion that Bill has been hypnotized or drugged in some way because for him to just do a 360 on all his family to pledge his allegiance to a woman he despised I cannot explain. I don’t even think the writers can explain it either, which makes this storyline that much more frustrating as a viewer people. Sheila immediately regretted sleeping with Deacon and then made it crystal clear to him that no one can know what they did.

However, I suspect someone is going to find out what happened between the two and once that secret comes to light all sorts of hell, revenge and mayhem will erupt people. Why? Sheila is adamant about not heading back to prison, where if she does, there is no way she gets out. In addition, Bill DOES NOT LIKE TO BE PLAYED FOR A FOOL! This is a man when he wants and seeks revenge he goes for the jugular in the worst possible way people. He is already starting to doubt Sheila’s loyalty as she is not returning his calls as quickly as he expects and she is darting off to places at unexpected times.

Making matters worse is the fact that Liam has been placing that bug in his dad’s ear that Sheila cannot be trusted. I never thought out of all people, it would be Liam who would find a way to get thru to his father when people like Katie and Brooke, true loves of his life, were not able to make any strides. Liam was persistent and it has paid off people. However, with one problem arises another. How? Liam is not dealing with news that Hope’s fashion line is in dire straits. So much to the point that Steffy has considered dropping the line, but one last minute hail marry might change everything.

It involves bringing Thomas Forrester back to Forrester Creations to work alongside Hope. Hope was not expecting that news but she wants to save her fashion line. With Taylor and Steffy pressuring her (yes they absolutely are people), Hope had a tough conversation with Thomas where we heard the same pathetic apology again. Thomas is a sociopath people, the man is messed up from his parents’ back and forth dalliance for years. His obsession with Hope Logan is not over, no matter how many times he attempts to tell the world that it is people.

Hope was very hesitant, but after Thomas actually apologized to Brooke for his actions, it seems the door was opened, but that was until Liam prodded and pushed that it was NOT a good idea for Hope to allow Thomas back into their orbit. Why? Hmm, let’s see, he kept their daughter from them for months, used his son as a pawn, developed an obsession with Hope that led to Liam and Steffy cheating, he then kept a secret that he was responsible for swapping the non-alcoholic champagne with actual alcohol causing Brooke to kiss Deacon in a drunken stupor and then he called Child Protective Services on himself and framed Brooke for the melee causing her marriage to Ridge Forrester to erupt in the worst possible way.

Yeah, that is not one strike, not two, but like four and he keeps saying the same thing. What is going to change this time around? I just don’t see it. It will for a few weeks, but the old Thomas will emerge and bad things will happen as a result. Hope is placed in a difficult dilemma and with Ridge returning to the foray after being MIA for months; I’m not so sure he’s ready to have Thomas back in his orbit. I mean his son did him dirty and as a result it had led to absolute mayhem in Ridge’s professional and personal life. I am intrigued to find out how Ridge will navigate Taylor and Brooke now that they have become besties people.

There is also the news that RJ Forrester is finally returning back to the canvas and who he will get entangled with. This is interesting because RJ has siblings on the Logan side and the Forrester side with Hope, Steffy and Thomas. Right now, it looks like the core narrative might be the slow fracturing of Liam and Hope’s marriage. He is not happy that his wife is about to be drawn back into Thomas’ orbit, even though Douglas has moved back to the cabin, however, he’s placing a bug in his dad’s ear about being one big happy family. Yeah, those words are about to stick with Thomas and that is not good for “B&B” viewers.