HOLLYWOOD—Well it was bound to transpire “The Bold and Beautiful” lovers. Li Finnegan said a bit too much tipping off Sheila Carter that she was hiding something. That prompted Sheila to make a prison bust and head directly for Li’s location and discovering the big secret: Finn is alive! Sheila was flabbergasted, so much to the point that Li was flung across the room by Sheila who was aghast that the son she thought she killed was very much alive people.

Sheila is indeed a master manipulator because for a minute I actually thought Li was buying everything that Sheila was selling. The psychopath touted how she was remorseful and did not want Finn to be ‘killed’ and now that he is alive, she has another chance to make amends for the sins of her past. It was genius acting from Kimberlin Brown people, but after the curtain was pulled away, Li made a run for it. However, not a wise idea to make an urgent call to 911 in the room right next to Sheila Carter! How about you get in your car and start moving before you make that call people.

I mean this woman just shot and ‘killed’ her son and then shot and almost killed his wife and covered up the crime as a mugging. Do you think she has no problem taking out the woman who could tip off Ridge Forrester and the authorities about her whereabouts? No. Sheila Carter is more dangerous now than ever before.

Rather “B&B” decides to kill off Li to ensure her escape and Finn’s survival is kept under wraps the audience will never know, but it’s good to see Tanner Novlan back in the flesh people. Let me take that back because it looks like Li might her maker in a car accident similar to what Thomas caused with Emma 2 years ago. Hello, if you chase someone with your car and rear end them to the point that they crash and die, how can you NOT call that murder people? Sheila is looking like she will care for Finn without Li for now, but until we see confirmation of Li’s body she is presumed dead and if we discover a body, do you think Ridge, Taylor, Brooke and everyone else WON’T think Sheila was involved people?

Right now it is just a waiting game to see when Finn awakes, what he remembers and when the official takedown of Sheila Carter gets underway. Could be the one time that Sheila Carter truly meets her maker and by whom? I was really worried we were traveling down the Liam, Steffy and Hope love triangle again. It is nice to see Liam and Hope back on the screen, but still without much of a story America.

Hope stumbled upon Donna and Eric frolicking and now she is stuck in the middle of keeping a whopper of a secret from Quinn Fuller no less. Would I want to know such a secret? Hope is now tasked with spilling the tea or staying mum people. To be honest this is one secret not only am I ok with coming out, but glad that Hope will be the person who has to reveal it or be revealed as knowing, but not telling.

Why? It will reunite Donna and Eric and it will reunite Carter and Quinn. This whole notion of Carter just proposing to Paris when like 2-3 weeks ago he wanted nothing to do with her has bad writing all over it. The fact that Paris isn’t truly questioning what is taking place proves she deserves to have that heart shattered the same way that her sister Zoe had her heart destroyed by Carter.

Quinn can go running back to Carter and all will be great, which is what transpired after Bridget and Quinn caught Eric and Donna in bed together. We might finally see Carter and Quinn out at Forrester, but is that really a bad thing people? Where is Katie Logan people? She has not been seen in months and I cannot believe this. It is absolutely unfathomable that this talent is not getting any screen time. WRITE THIS WOMAN A STORYLINE PEOPLE there is plenty to play around with revolving Katie Logan people.