HOLLYWOOD—Things are heating up and something is telling me that Sheila Carter is about to make a move that changes the scope of Los Angeles and Forrester Creations, the Logan and the Forrester families forever. Sheila spilled her secret about swapping Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne to Thomas Forrester.

Thomas has been grappling with this secret since it was unveiled, struggling rather he should spill the truth to Ridge and Taylor now that they have reunited and Brooke has been left out in the cold. Brooke is stall wallowing on rather to fight or throw in the towel on her marriage, but after much debate, Brooke is fighting for the love of her life. Guess what America? Thomas and Sheila had a meet up and guess who saw it: Steffy! Yep, Steffy knows Thomas is playing with danger when it comes to Sheila, Sheila Carter people.

Sheila issued a veiled threat, but this week, she issued an actual threat to a member of the Forrester family. I really don’t have to say who, after someone in particular delivered fighting words to Sheila. That’s something you don’t do people, just ask Brooke Forrester, and the predicament that she currently sits in people. If Sheila issues a threat, you better believe she is going to follow thru on it. My only concern is the rumblings that a twist is expected in the near future. For those still guessing, Sheila threatened Steffy Forrester!

I mean suddenly the past 2 weeks, Tanner Novolan returned as Finn, and he and Steffy shared a bit of romance before he extended an olive branch to his mother who has been called every name in the book by the Forrester and Logan families, but could he be in danger? I don’t think Sheila would hurt her own son, but if something were to happen to him, there is NO TELLING and I mean NO TELLING WHAT SHE WOULD DO TO GET HER REVENGE!

Everyone should be nervous and absolutely scared now that Steffy told Finn what his mother has done to Brooke and Finn is about to turn his back on his mother, who he just invited back into his life. Steffy gloated at her latest move to Sheila informing her that her son knows what she did to Brooke and Sheila Carter was seething people.

You already know Sheila wants to reunite with Finn and Hayes, but her latest stunt has torpedoed that opportunity, which means there is no telling what this woman will do if she thinks all hope is lost. Attempted murder might be at the top of the list, but there is a string of targets who could be in the foray if something happens to Finn people. Take that knowledge as you’d like. I feel like Thomas, Steffy and Finn are likely to be in major danger, and Thomas’ decision to keep quiet might come back to haunt him, just as Ridge, Taylor and Brooke discover Thomas knew what Sheila did and decided to stay mum.

So much for that rehabilitation Thomas Forrester, you’re showing yourself to be just as cunning as Sheila herself. As I noted months ago, the return of Sheila Carter was just what the soap needed to usher in a new era of chaos for the soap that had been a bit stale for a while. Swapping champagne bottles is one thing, but we all know Sheila is capable of far worse and we are about to see that transpire America.