HOLLYWOOD—I will admit when “The Bold and Beautiful” had Steffy Forrester stab Sheila Carter, I thought it was a dream sequence, but no it is not. Sheila Carter is indeed dead at the moment. If you want me to be honest, I think there is a twist coming with this story a lot sooner than later. As of now, the fallout is massive as buzz has spread throughout Los Angeles about Sheila’s demise.

It is causing a major, major rift in the marriage for Finn and Steffy. I mean the way Thomas and Ridge were talking about Sheila right in front of Finn was just horrid. Thomas, sit down and shut up, you’re the male version of Sheila Carter; you just haven’t been held to the fire. Ridge, I guess he was just heated. Steffy was in shock and Finn was inconsolable. I mean he was gutted and couldn’t comprehend that the woman who gave birth to him is dead, and she was killed by his wife of all people.

Yes, Steffy totally has the argument of self-defense because Sheila broke into her home. The problem is this is the second time Steffy has killed someone in self-defense. I felt she had very little remorse for Ally’s death years back, where she is so much more rattled by the demise of Sheila. It is so obvious the writers are setting the stage for a Liam and Steffy reunion. I mean he’s her shoulder to cry on, he hasn’t had much going on since his marriage to Hope fell apart, and why we need a Steffy and Liam reunion yet again, I cannot explain.

It just feels like we’re getting the same story over and over and over and over again on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The fun development is Finn and Hope are getting closer. I pegged this a few months back when the twosome shared some scenes, but the chemistry is starting to ignite for me. This is an actual pairing I want to see. Hell, I thought it might happen after it was disclosed that Liam and Steffy slept together again, while with their respective others. If only the four were aware that Thomas played a role in that melee by drugging Liam.

Hope was a sounding board for Finn as he grappled with his emotions, and they shared a few close moments as a result. Not to mention Hope might be forgiving that ultimatum she gave her father Deacon, now that Sheila is dead. Hope is indeed the compassionate one, as she understands she may not like Sheila, but she can empathize with the emotions that people who care for Sheila are dealing with. Finn is having nightmares about his dead mother, which begs the question is there more going on than the audience realizes? In addition, Finn is hallucinating about Sheila so that is another ripple in the relationship.

Luna is being pulled by Zende and Poppy not to spill to RJ that she slept with his cousin. The longer you drag this out Luna the worse it will be for you. Zende is lusting after you, while RJ is so smitten by you he thinks you can do no wrong. Not to mention Zende and RJ are kind of mortal enemies and if this secret comes out, it will change their dynamic even more. You can see Ridge and Brooke trying to villainize Zende as a result of this tryst.

Hope and Thomas are moving towards a REAL marriage proposal that I wish I could fathom with words, but I cannot, this just seems wrong and wild. We all know Brooke is going to flip if Hope accepts Thomas’ marriage proposal, but this is a soap opera so all might be great until it is not. Stay tuned.