CALIFORNIA—Riverside County Sherriff, Chad Bianco has given a public warning about Governor Gavin Newsom that initially began on June 8. As of June 21, Sheriff Bianco’s Newsom Warning has gone viral and is getting the attention of media sources across the country.

Most recently, the Sheriff has criticized Newsom’s Proposal 47 (Prop 47), imposing heftier fines on criminals found guilty of criminal theft charges. According to the Sheriff, prop 47 is a tactic by Newsom to mislead voters into rejecting needed reforms by presenting his new proposition as the answer. Bianco made the following statement to Fox News:

“Prop 47 is the main contributor to many of the public safety woes that we have in California from homelessness to drug addiction to theft, and the overall majority, almost 80 percent of Californians, wants Proposal 47 repealed or major reforms and everyone is aware, except the governor and a handful of politicians in California who have gotten behind Prop 47.”

According to a May Cal Matters report, Governor Gavin Newsom put $1 billion into studies and programs for the homeless.

In April 2024, Newsom announced in a virtual press release that he was to receive $200 million in new funding for homelessness in 17 counties. It is to be divided with $51.5 going to Los Angeles County and the remaining $149.5 million to be divided between 16 other counties.

Newsom has declared a State of Emergency numerous times and received much funding over the last five years much of which was to address homelessness.

According to the 2023 report by U.S. Housing and Urban Development posted by U.S. News and World Report, the state of California remains number one in the states with the most homelessness with 181,399 who were documented in 2023. Reports indicate that there are many more that remain undocumented.

On June 6, Governor Newsom’s May budget proposal was released. It included a $97 million cut to trial court operations, a $10 million cut to the state Department of Justice Division of Law Enforcement, and another $80 million cut to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

In a video that he posted on his Facebook page, the Sheriff addresses Californians:

“Good morning, California. It’s Riverside Sheriff, Chad Bianco

For the past 30 years, I have been doing everything I can to keep our communities safe by arresting criminals and putting them in jail, and putting them prison, and keeping them out of our neighborhoods.

For the last five years, I have been very critical of our Governor [Gavin Newsom] for slashing our budgets for corrections, for letting our prisoners out early, for closing our prisons. I’ve been critical of our state legislature for passing laws to make it harder to put people in prison. I’ve been critical of their changing laws to let prisoners out early. And I’ve been critical of our Attorney General [Rob Bonta] for seemingly not caring about crime and really, being an embarrassment to law enforcement.

And this love affair that our Governor and state legislators have with criminals is based on the belief that criminals are not responsible for their own actions. They are a victim of society, and really, it’s our fault. It’s society’s fault. It’s [the] business’s fault. It’s [the] cops’ fault. It might be my fault.

Law enforcement, apparently if you listen to our Governor, is systemically racist. If you listen to our legislature, our laws are systemically racist. Our judicial system is systemically racist. All of these people being put in jail are because of law enforcement bias, and D.A. (District Attorney) bias, and all of these things.

And so, they let them out. They give them food, they give them housing, they give them money. They give them drugs and alcohol now. And I have got to be honest, I’m getting tired. I’m wondering if I’m having a change of heart and deciding maybe I’ve been wrong and think I am going to change teams. Some of you may be mad at me. I think they may be onto something, but they’re not doing enough.

I think that we need to go big. You know me. Go big or go home…. You might as well do something right if you are going to do it. I hope you are all with me and that you all have this change of heart… I think instead of letting them out of jail and giving them alcohol and drugs and everything else, I think it’s time we put a felon in the White House. Trump 2024, baby. Let’s Make America Great Again.”