IRAQ—The Iraqi Shiite cleric, Al-Sistani declared a call for the people to fight the ISIS. Many people have accepted the call since Al-Sistani is a highly regarded cleric in Iraq to defend their home and prevent terrorists from raping and slaughtering people.

The ISIS is a terrorist group that has taken over the western sphere of Iraq. The terrorist group has slaughtered many civilians and Iraqi soldiers. TheISIS uses the media as a fear tactic, by posting gruesome pictures and videos of executions of innocent people. The Iraqi government has banned social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stop ISIScommunication and stop them from posting gruesome videos.

In addition, in a statement, the office of Al-Sistani urged people to tolerate each other and avoid sectarianism. Al-Sistani also warned that there are groups or individuals who want sectarianism in Iraq to make Iraq less stable. Al-Sistani did not specify the group or individuals who want Iraq less stable. This coincides with the Al-maliki accusation of Saudi Arabia supporting terrorism in Iraq.

While many people are accepting the call of Al-Sistani to volunteer for the army, there are sources that confirm that there is a lack of leadership in the army and lack of organization for the volunteers by the government. Despite the government declaring that it will compensate the volunteers with a monthly wage.

Many volunteers do not receive weapons to fight the ISIS. Canyon News spoke with a source, which preferred that his identity not be revealed, that only militias are currently successful in organizing groups to fight the ISIS. They added that even the army “seems to be weak and lacks leadership.” The source added that the lack of leadership is due to disloyalty and a lack of organization.

On the country’s state ran television station, the government of Iraq declared the call for a meeting of the parliaments to elect a new government on July 1.