HOLLYWOOD—It was one of those deaths that was slightly unexpected on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” but I’m happy to see the soap didn’t drag out the mystery for a year like most of its storylines. The murder of Silas Clay (Michael Easton) came on the cusp of the series looking to trim down its roster of high-profile names.

Of course, we had the obvious targets in Nina Clay and Franco, who were both left reeling when they discovered it was Silas who kidnapped baby Avery and allowed Nina to take all the blame. Of course those two were red herrings, but so was Morgan. I mean, my suspicions were immediately layed onto Ava Jerome who was just a bit too jittery with the news of Silas’ death. Ava killing her own daughter’s father would indeed be a stretch, but this is the same woman who has slept with the boyfriend of her daughter on more than one occasion. Yeah, she’s not getting the mother of the year award anytime soon.

As audiences started to put the pieces to the puzzle together, it became very apparent that either Ric Lansing or Madeleine Reeves were culpable in Silas’ murder. Why? They would do almost anything to earn a few bucks, even screw the people they love the most. All fingers were pointed at Ric in the past few weeks, but it was Madeleine, Nina’s mother, who murdered her ex son-in-law and allowed her DAUGHTER to take the fall on her devious antics.

So it appears that Madeline is going away for a very long time, which ushers in the possibility of the audience finally learning that big, dark secret that Liesl and her sister have been keeping. Could Kiki actually be Nina’s daughter? I wouldn’t be surprised if that twist happened to be true.

A big wedding is happening in Port Charles, the nuptials of Sonny and Carly once again. What is this, like the fourth or fifth time the duo has attempted to walk down the aisle? I’m sure this is a wedding that will not go off without a hitch. Expect a surprise or two, especially with Morgan whose behavior is becoming more and more unstable, especially considering Kiki dropped the bomb about his secret affair. He is indeed spiraling out of control, causing his parents to suspect that he might be bipolar, I mean those scenes between Bryan Craig and Maurice Benard are definite Emmy-worthy in my opinion.

In other great news, Anna Devane is back in town, and has her sights set on Mayor Lomax and Nikolas Cassadine who both played a role in rigging the election. Standing by her side is Sam Morgan, Patrick’s new love bird. I wonder how things will pan out when the truth about Jason is revealed and Robin suddenly reappears in town, cause you know it’s going to happen.

It’s only a matter of time before Anna gets the evidence she needs to expose the two, but they could blackmail her from revealing the truth if they discover she was responsible for the murder of Carlos Rivera. Don’t think that little tidbit is going to disappear overnight.

It appears Lulu, Maxie and Dillion are becoming a tight threesome as the production on his movie gets underway. There are definitely some moments of jealously emerging from the burgeoning chemistry between Dillion and Maxie. Could we see a new item in the works? Maybe, but everyone will be floored when news surfaces of Dante and Valerie doing the dirty deed. Hmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if Valerie ended up pregnant, that always seems to happen on soaps.

Guys, we are inching ever closer to November sweeps which means the long-awaited secret about Jason Morgan may soon be surfacing; let’s hope this story is not further placed on the back-burner. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.