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Dear Deanna!


My neighbor broke her leg and I’ve been going back and forth helping her out and running daily errands.  Since I’ve been around her so much, I developed interest in her. She has a boyfriend that doesn’t treat her well and hasn’t been there for her during this time. I’ve stayed with her a few nights and done things like brush her hair, run her bath water and serve her food. How do I let her know my feelings and let her know that I’ve fallen in love and want to date her?


Anthony Lawton, Okla.


Dear Anthony:


The first thing you need to address is the situation with her boyfriend. Inquire and find out about this relationship, where they stand and how serious they are. Once you have those answers and if they’re in your favor, share your feelings and make your intentions known. You must be careful because your neighbor may be sensitive and you don’t want to appear as if you’re taking advantage of her. Again, get answers, share your feelings and keep it moving.


Dear Deanna!


I have an issue with my loud neighbor. She is so rude and disrespectful and has no regard for the rest of us in the apartment complex.  e’re forced to listen to her loud music, she has company coming in and out and her place is always one big party. Several of us have joined together asked her to tone it down but she laughs and says she can do as she pleases as long as she pays her rent. What other options do we have to deal with this headache?


Annoyed Online Reader


Dear Annoyed:


You can file a complaint and the first stop should be the on-site manager’s office. If this resource isn’t helpful then you should contact the management company. Yes, your neighbor pays rent but you pay as well and are entitled to a decent amount of peace and quiet. Once this is done, boundaries should be established. On another note, if she violates the noise ordinance after hours, you can call the police as a guarantee for a good nights sleep.


Dear Deanna!


I’m a single mom with five kids and I’ve reunited with my boyfriend of two years. I admit we’ve had problems on both sides but during this recent make up he expressed his love, he said that he missed us and he wants to pick up where we left off. He went to work one day and I didn’t hear from him until two weeks later. He left me a voice mail saying that his job had offered him a training position in another town and he would be back on the weekend. I didn’t hear anything for three days and decided that I love myself and I’m tired of games. What should I do about this man?


Confused Seattle, Wash.


Dear Confused:


If a man loves you so much, he will not disappear for two weeks and not contact you. These are signs that he’s immature, selfish and not very responsible. Your relationship ended for a reason and you should move forward instead of two steps back. You have enough kids already and don’t need to add an overgrown man to the bunch. Set an example for your kids by taking care of them, loving yourself and waiting for a man that will treat you right.