WEST HOLLYWOOD—A West Hollywood woman has been charged with the attempt of soliciting a white supremacist group to kill her competitor.

Dawn Melody DaLuise, 55, is the owner of a Skin Refinery on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Her competitor, Gabriel Suarez operates Smooth Cheeks in the same area.

Both DaLuise and Suarez appeared in the Airport Courthouse on June 23 for the preliminary hearing where DaLuise was charged. It is alleged that the suspect plotted with an unknown assailant to have Suarez killed, but when apprehended, she said she was being stalked online by Suarez and received various sexually related phone calls.

Detective Steven McCauley from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, testified that he interviewed several men who said DaLuise contacted them to aid in the killing of Suarez. McCauley also revealed recordings from his interview with DaLuise at a Denny’s restaurant.

She presented McCauley with a list of people, whom she claimed knew about the cyber stalking, but investigations later revealed that the evidence was fabricated and DaLuise offered free facial and skin care services if they justified her story.

McCauley said someone was stalking DaLuise through text messages and craigslist postings, but Suarez was not behind it. Suarez told Canyon News that he was clueless that DaLuise wanted him dead and the news caught him by surprise. He does not see the need for conflict, as Smooth Cheeks caters to male waxing and facial services while she caters to other needs; in his eyes they are two opposite things that should not cause conflict.

He said there is more information on the case, but cannot divulge until the next court hearing which is set for July 7. If convicted, the suspect can face up to nine years in prison. Bail is set at $1 million at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood.