Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter with Robot Vacuum

Over the past 30 years, many robots have been invented to help us do our household chores. From washing machines to vacuum cleaners, new appliances and gadgets have dramatically evolved and become indispensable home tools.

Today, many companies are investing a lot of their resources in creating products with a higher level of intelligence. These items are designed to fit the busy lifestyle of many users.

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. Gone are the days when you need to drag around a plastic hose connected to a clumsy, dirty-looking canister as big as a trash can. If you don’t like using this old model, perhaps cleaning robot could help to clean the smart home mess.

Modern vacuum cleaners do work like robots – they can “think” and operate independently. A robot vacuum with quality mapping software and long battery life can make cleaning an easy-breezy chore.

What Makes a Robot Vacuum Smart?

Aside from having various cleaning modes, a robot vacuum must have pre-installed programs that will allow it to respond to multiple commands. Here are some of the features of a robot vacuum that you need for your smart home:

WiFi Networking

A robot vacuum that can connect to the internet is the very definition of a smart device. A smart robovac must be able to pair itself to an existing WiFi network or has a built-in WiFi source. In most cases, a robot that can connect to the internet is more expensive than other models. If you can spend money on a fancy robot vacuum, by all means, do it. A smart robot vacuum is worth your money in the long run.


The app can be downloaded to your phone or any gadget that is connected to the same WiFi network. In other words, you need to be home to use the app. The features included in the app differs from one manufacturer to another. But typically, most apps will allow you to set up the cleaning schedule and suction mode, as well as track the cleaning progress.

Internet Connection

More sophisticated robot vacuums allow you to program the device using an app even when you’re not at home.

In most cases, a robot that has an internet connection option also comes with a more extensive app. For instance, the app will show you the map of the area to be cleaned, and the current position of the robot. Some models can let you see the virtual walls or the images that are captured by the camera of the device.

Voice Control

A high-end robot vacuum can be programmed using voice command. Through Alexa or Google Assistant, use your voice to program the machine in terms of rooms to clean, schedule, start, stop, and other instructions. Voice control can also command the robot to pair itself with other cleaning devices like robot mop.

Customized Cleaning

Using voice control, tell your robot to clean a specific room, multiple rooms, or an entire floor. Select what type of cleaning mode you want: suction only, suction plus mopping, or deep-cleaning. You can also set the time when it can start and stop cleaning the floor. Be in control of the cleaning that you want without being physically present.

Other Criteria for a Robot Vacuum

Completes Cleaning Cycle

Some robots force you to stay while it runs because it always gets stuck on cords, toys, blocks, low-clearance furniture, and other obstacles. A smart robot, on the other hand, has a superior mapping capability that can accurately create virtual images of the map and store them on its database. This type of robot can recognize the map next time it runs, avoiding the obstacles and finishes the job before it goes back to its dock.


Choose a robot vacuum that will let you enjoy watching your favorite movie on Netflix while it vacuums silently.


A robovac that can go under beds and furniture is a big plus. This way, you don’t need to bend down and try to reach the spaces under the furniture using an ordinary vacuum. A slim robot that can squeeze under low-clearance furniture is your best bet.

Floor Type

Some robovacs are designed to work effectively on only one type of floor. These models may work on hardwood, but not on carpets, and vice versa.  As much as possible, choose a brand that works on all types of floors.

A robot vacuum is a helpful tool that helps maintain the cleanliness of a smart home. If you are looking for a robovac that can make cleaning a worry-free chore, choose a brand that allows you to connect the device to the internet where you can program its schedule, mode, and virtual wall, and get updates on its cleaning status.