UNITED STATES—If there was a game that was anticipated for its debut on the SNES gaming system it had to be 1994’s “Donkey Kong Country.” Yes, the iconic character that first appeared on the NES gaming system doing battle against Mario has risen to new heights. This time around Donkey Kong is the hero and journeys through several worlds as he captures the Kong’s banana hoard which was taken by the crocodile villain Kremlins.

Yes, the big baddie at the end of the game is a crocodile people, but let me just tell you he ain’t easy, that only makes the gameplay that much more exciting. Here is the fun approach to Donkey Kong Country: you can play solo or with two players. The solo aspect is fun because you can trade off playing as Donkey Kong or his nephew Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong is better suited for several levels throughout the game, whereas there are indeed stages where Diddy Kong is a better candidate. Why? Diddy is a bit more flexible and can move a lot faster than his uncle.

Both have their own attack powers. Both can jump on the heads of enemies (that is your go to move), but Donkey Kong can slap/pound the ground defeating enemies and Diddy can to cartwheels to take out opponents as well.  There are some allies in the game that helps with travel, saving your game and tips to help you throughout your journey. Those allies include Funky Kong, Candy Kong and Cranky Kong.

There are ways to earn lives in the game by collecting 100 bananas or spelling out the word KONG in each stage that you complete. I will admit the later can be a bit more difficult than expected at times. So proceed with caution. You also have the option of utilizing a rhino, swordfish (for swimming stages), an ostrich and frog. Trust me they are great for taking out enemies, completing stages faster and obtaining goodies you would not be able to obtain otherwise.

There are several baddies to be defeated in the several worlds in the game including a beaver, a hornet, a large annoying bird, a very jumpy beaver, a toxic can, an angrier bird who launches massive nuts at you before you eventually meet the big baddie Kremlins. Your go to method to defeating all the bosses is several hits on the head, except the hornet where you have to throw wooden barrels at it and dodge its stinger.

Overall, “Donkey Kong Country” is not a difficult game, I will admit though there are stages, especially ones where you have to be in mine carts that are some of the biggest challenges you face. I tell this to ANYONE, anytime you are playing a video game and you’re facing a stage or level, whatever you choose to call it where you are moving at a distinct speed it becomes a challenge to overcome.

Be wary that Donkey Kong Country is a lengthy game. You have several worlds all different in their own approach, all challenging as well and you might want to take some breaks in-between actual gameplay so that you don’t get exhausted. It’s a fun game for kids, teens, and adults and just reminds you how much fun of a character Donkey Kong is and just how exciting it is to see the character in the hero status and not the villain.

Written By Davy Jones