HOLLYWOOD—Now, that the nominees have been announced, you’ll see the celebrities out in full force. They are getting prepared for the Oscars a little over a month away. The ladies will diet, work out, spend weeks preparing for the perfect gown, hairstyle and shoes, and hopefully prepare for the most-important moment-accepting the Oscar. Preparing for the acceptance speech, which every year I mention how important it is not to wing it, but to have a strategy to give a memorable acceptance speech.

The speech must come from the heart, like Sylvester Stallone’s speech at the Golden Globes. No speeches with arrogance or annoying speeches that mention everyone from their first acting coaches to their next-door-neighbor. A humbling, heartfelt speech that will appeal to all, would be a classy acceptance speech. The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will be held on February 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The host will be Chris Rock, arguably the most important African-American stand-up comedian since Richard Pryor.

First things first, the talk of the town is that the Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs has announced she is taking action to “alter the make-up” of their membership, after director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith’s refusal to attend because of the mostly white nominees. It seems that David Oyelowo and Don Cheadle have joined the growing number of stars who have spoken against the Oscars for its lack of diversity. Now, that Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith have announced they are boycotting the Oscars this year, let’s look at some of the Oscar winners and nominees who have snubbed the classy, glitzy ceremony.

One of the greatest actresses of all time Katherine Hepburn, throughout her movie career won four Oscars (“Morning Glory,” “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” “The Lion in Winter” and “On Golden Pond”) but never attended the ceremonies to receive any of them. She made one appearance at the 1974 awards show to present a memorial award to producer and friend Lawrence Weingarten. She received a standing ovation when she walked on stage.

Another actor who snubbed the Oscars was George C. Scott, not only did he boycott the ceremony, he actually refused the award itself-the first person to turn down an acting Oscar. One of the most distinguished finest actors of his generation. His outstanding performance as General George S Patton in the film “Patton,” won him the Best Actor award at the 1971 ceremony. He said that the politics surrounding such awards was “demeaning” and described the Oscar ceremony as “a two-hour meat parade.”

Who could forget Marlon Brando. The star won two Oscars – one in 1955 for “On the Waterfront” and the second in 1972 for his performance in the “The Godfather.” Brando refused the Oscar and stunned the world by sending activist Sacheen Littlefeather to refuse the award on stage, in order to demonstrate his dismay at the entertainment industry’s treatment of Native Americans.

Last but not least, Woody Allen is known for his absence at the Oscars. He’s won four Academy Awards over four decades but has never accepted any of them in person. Allen’s last Oscar win was in 2012 for the film “Midnight in Paris.”

One thing to remember nominees, don’t embarrass the Academy with a searing political point. One thing to remember, yes, winning an Oscar is emotional, but stars must try and retain some dignity. It is an honor to be nominated for an Oscar, whether you win or lose.

Rose’s Scoop: Malin Akerman was spotted at the Ivy in Los Angeles on January 16. She looked stunning in that black outfit and hat. She is currently appearing in the TV series “Billions.”