HOLLYWOOD—The past few weeks have delivered some major shockers in the soap arena. First, fans of the CBS soap “The Young and Restless” were stunned to learn that actor Michael Munhey had been axed from the series, which left many speculating as to why considering the actor’s hot storyline involving the death of Delia.

Well, it was later revealed that Munhey allegedly groped his co-star Hunter King’s breasts on two occasions and it was the axe in the coffin. Fans outraged by the news paid for a banner to fly above the studio to let their voice be heard, but in my opinion, such behavior should not be tolerated in any shape, way or form in any position, no matter how popular you are with the fans.

At first, I was presuming the soap would recast the character, but now I have reason to believe that the character of Adam may meet a fateful demise that will usher in February sweeps, especially with Billy (Billy Miller) on the cusps of learning that it was Adam who killed his daughter. For those not in the know, Miller will be leaving the series also in the coming weeks. His character has been recast with David Tom, who previously portrayed the character years ago.

It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to a new actor filling popular shoes, just see the fiasco at “General Hospital” in their attempt to recast Carly who was made famous by Sarah Brown, and became a staple with Tamara Braun, before going through a bevy of actresses before landing on current superstar Laura Wright. Any character can be recast, but it’s all about timing and the right actor or actress who fits the part with ease that it doesn’t come across as ‘fake.’

In other bombshells, it has been revealed that “General Hospital” fave Kimberly McCullough will once again leave Port Charles. Say it ain’t so! I will admit the Robin storyline the past few months made “GH” a must-see, as the audience eagerly awaited the moment someone discovered the doctor and not to mention the reunion of her family.

Does this mean Patrick (Jason Thompson) will be leaving the canvas also? I’m going to say not likely considering he’s in an even hotter storyline with the news that Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) is preggers with his child.  So it will be interesting to see how the writers faze Robin out this time around? There are so many new additions to the “GH” rooster right now; it only means the writers have big plans intact for the coming months so audiences should expect some thrilling rides to say the least.

Perhaps the biggest jaw-dropper of the week is the revelation that “Days of Our Lives” superstar Alison Sweeney announced on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Tuesday that she would be leaving the sudser in 2014. No way! How in the world will “DOOL” survive without Salem’s most notorious vixen and villain, Sami Brady?

Sweeney has portrayed the character for more than 21 years, that’s iconic numbers in the soap arena. There is no way in the world that the character Sami could be recast, so I’m expecting an explosive exit that will likely set-up must-see moments on the soap that can’t be missed in my opinion. A murder mystery involving a beloved character; there is now bigger way than to go out with a bang. Lots of things have transpired in the soap world in the past few weeks, and I’m certain more surprises are sure to be delivered to fans in the coming months.