LOS ANGELESGas prices in Southern California have risen in the past week. Los Angeles and Ventura counties have seen some of the biggest spikes, and experts believe that prices could continue to rise in the near future.

In Los Angeles, gas prices are up nearly 70 cents from the prior week. The current average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Los Angeles, according to AAA’s FuelGageReport, is $4.204, 15 cents more than yesterdays average of $4.053. In comparison, the AAA national average is currently $2.775, nearly a dollar and a half less than the Los Angeles average.

Nationally, gas prices have been steady for most of the summer. The difference between this week’s national average and last week’s is less than a penny. Additionally, the national price of gasoline is the lowest it has been in nearly five years. In late 2014, national gas prices began to drop steadily through January of this year. The marginal, but steady increase in prices since then has left the average price of a gallon of gasoline much lower than this time time last year, when the average was nearly 75 cents higher.

California gas prices are typically higher than the national average year round. This is in part thanks to the heavy regulations placed on California gasoline compared to the rest of the nation. Some of the blame for this recent spike in prices is being placed on supply shortages; the ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance has been closed since February due to an explosion.

Not all parts of California are dealing with monumental price spikes at the pump. Much of Northern California has seen modest jumps of 10-12 cents with the average price in San Francisco rising 10 cents since last week to $3.617.

Alaska and Hawaii, two states which often have the highest gas prices in the nation, are the second and third highest, respectively, behind California. South Carolina and Mississippi have the nation’s lowest price gas prices with averages of $2.41 and $2.46 a gallon.

For more national trends and averages visit, AAA’s FuelGaugeReport.com.