UNITED STATES—Whenever we can be certain of a period of economic growth, we are in the perfect position to take a look at our accounts and work out what needs changing. Interest rates fluctuate all the time and it is incredibly important that you look into how they are changing to see if it might benefit you. Let’s take a look at why you should do this now.

What are Interest Rates?

An interest rate is a percentage of the total amount you have either borrowed or saved depending on your circumstances. Even the tiniest of fluctuations in the market can mean that it will have an impact upon you, especially in an expensive area like LA where prices can be much higher than even in other parts of California.

The way interest is paid depends on whether you have a loan or savings. If you have taken out a loan, you will have to pay interest on that loan until it is paid off. This will, of course, increase the amount you have to pay out. Interest collected in this way is frequently referred to as APR or the annual percentage rate. This type of interest is frequently attached to things like mortgages and high-ticket items like furniture, cars, or anything else you can buy on hire-purchase and you will frequently find rates for 0% APR for these sorts of purchases.

On the other hand, if you have savings, these savings will also generate interest. This is paid to you by the bank and, depending on the savings account you have, you could generate a nice bit of interest on top of what you contribute to the savings account.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Interest Rates?

You should always pay attention to how interest rates are changing as you might be able to swing a bargain in your favour.

When rates are on their way down, you might be able to clear out some of the debt you owe. Lower APR means great news for mortgage holders in the LA area or anyone trying to clear themselves of debt. Speak to your financial advisor to see how a change in APR might affect you.

However, the August interest rates actually swung the other way and increased. While this might not be the best news for anyone who is paying interest, it is fantastic news for anyone who is accruing it. An upswing in interest rates usually coincides with some banking institutions releasing new saving products and models onto the market so you can make the most of these high rates.

Take Advantage Today

Where do you keep your savings? Some people still choose to keep theirs in their main account. While this does allow you to keep an eye on it, current accounts don’t always have the best interest rates attached to them. They are definitely geared towards spending and not saving. If you are more interested in saving, you need to find an account which can be set up this way.

A savings account is quick and easy to open and you might even get a bonus if you manage to deposit a certain amount inside it from the start. Savings accounts are truly some of the best tools you have. No matter whether you are saving for a mortgage, a wedding, or just a rainy day, you will be able to work towards the money you need.

As soon as interest rates begin to change, you should take a look at the markets to see what you can find in terms of new savings accounts. You might find one which has a much better rate than what your current option is offering you. Taking a moment to take stock of the market and re-evaluate your own accounts might be a fantastic way for you to earn a little extra money for your pocket.

Find the Best Deal for You Today

You will always notice that there are different interest rates depending on the bank you are looking at. It is incredibly important that you pay attention to all of the extras you get when you sign up for the account. While the interest rates are what might draw you to the account but you should take a look at what else you can get with the deal as it might net you a bonus you did not expect.

Keep an eye out for changes in interest rates when they occur. It can be quite easy for you to find online trackers and other tools which can notify you when such a change does occur. You will then be in the best possible position to start searching for the best deals you can take advantage of.

Interest rates aren’t just scary extras you need to add onto your mortgage. With a little foresight and some knowledge of the market, you can very easily make interest rates work in your favour, even in the LA markets. Take an evaluation of your accounts today and think about where you could make changes now!