HOLLYWOOD—Canadian celebrity gamer Sonja Reid, 28, known as OMGitsfirefoxx is being sued by the law firm McPherson LLP for unpaid legal bills. She hired representation from the law firm in 2018 to obtain a restraining order against an alleged stalker.

According to the lawsuit, Reid owes $41,570.54 in legal fees. McPherson LLP also alleges that Reid hired another lawyer a month after the initial restraining order process with the McPherson law firm and offered to pay 18 to 20 percent of the $41,570.54 legal tab.

In Reid’s stalker-restraining order lawsuit, she claimed that she was receiving threatening messages from one or multiple stalkers. She tweeted in 2018 after fellow Twitch streamer Melipastel received similar messages, “This is not okay. It makes me uncomfortable getting these. It’s not mentally healthy for viewers nor the streamers reading. It freaks me out & makes me feel regret towards being a streamer in the public eye.”

Fellow twitch streamer Melipastel received similar messages.

McPherson LLP gathered evidence which prompted the Los Angeles Police Department to carry out search warrants. The search warrants targeted multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to identify the alleged stalkers.

OMGitsfirefoxx entered in the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition as the most followed female on Twitch. Today, she has nearly 1 million followers on Twitch and has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Reid appeared in two TV series “Mianite” and “You Posted That?” Before starting her career as a video gamer began, she studied computer programming.