HELLO AMERICA!─People worldwide look forward to celebrating special holidays whatever they represent. It’s no difference in America. To slow down, relax and take time to visit old friends and get to know new ones is something extremely special. For me it was taking a second look at a friend from Europe. Her name is SORINA; a brilliant lady who commands numerous apartment complexes in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

However, Sorina has a remarkable talent as a first-class chef, when she unveils her magical moves in the kitchen, miracles dance everywhere around her. The simplest, the most normal piece of food, even a slice of bread, becomes special; one is instantly trapped, eager for the next bite! I sat at her table, filled with the usual holiday goodies, however, when tasting anyone of her goodies, it was such a surprise, I literally experienced an urge to push even more of what I was tasting in my mouth.

It was no mystery why her two young grandsons, who by the way already have a great desire to perform on camera, possibly, doing commercials, ones which demand natural comedic talent. Disney would have flipped over their honest and comical reactions to things observed around them. When asked why she decided to come to America, she quickly responded:

”I must be honest, unlike many people who leave their county for a better life; it wasn’t that way for me. I was quite happy in Romania. I had a good life, accomplishing my dreams and built up an excellent background for the future. I loved sports, especially Volleyball and was on the State Champion team. It was my ex-husband, who had other ideas, and this is why I am here all these years and I must admit, it has been quite exciting as well as challenging.”

Sorina, had her young daughter, Adina, with her and was determined to support her dreams as well. This resulted in Adina attending law school and raduating. Now that young lady is a powerful force in the legal world. As for Sorina, because she was also gifted with a tremendous sense for business and management, was offered an opportunity to manage two massive apartment complexes in the Valley of Los Angeles. The responsibility has been enormous but Lady Sorina tackles it the same way she became a special player on Romania’s State Volleyball team.

It seems that the magic continues! When Adina had her two boys, Hendrick and Mattias, it was obvious they were special as well. “Whatever was on TV,” Sorina offered, “even as small little guys,[they] watched everything that was moving on the screen. They reacted to the comedy, drama, all the crazy human things involving movements and voices. It seemed and still does, now they are six and eight years old, they have a great sense of timing and rhythm. Viewing young people their age in commercials have made them even more excited about possibly doing the same thing. It’s quite wonder, exciting being aware of this as an adult!”

Not only that, many of Sorina’s friend who have experienced her magic in the kitchen urged her to consider going public. Possibly, opening up a nice, exclusive dinner spot which might be called SORINA’S PALACE. Without a doubt, if on the main strip in the valley located close to film production studios, she would easily build a name for herself, as well as for her cooking specialties. In the meantime, Sorina has her eyes on her grandsons; she sees something extremely special about them and won’t be satisfied until she observes a camera pointed in their direction. LET’S FACE IT: SORINA IS A HELLUVA FORCE TO DEAL WITH!