CALIFORNIAーSouthern California experienced temperatures hitting triple digits as a heat wave hit on Friday, July 10. 

Los Angeles, Orange County, parts of San Bernardino and Riverside counties had continuous heat until Sunday evening, July 12. Meteorologist Dan Gregoria said that temperatures would reach between 100 to 105 degrees more toward the Inland Empire.

Because of the high heat, a few brush fires sparked near Hollywood Hills and Acton on Saturday. Authorities said that a grass fire along the 101 freeway at Cahuenga Boulevard was put out by the Los Angeles County Fire Department on July 11.

The National Weather Service reported that Anaheim had beat its record of 98 degrees in 1990, coming to 99 degrees this July 11. The hottest temperatures will be in the Antelope Valley, reaching between 100 to 107 degrees during the weekend. 

Authorities say that residents must stay hydrated and to be mindful of exercising during the day—early mornings and late evenings are preferable. As usual, do not leave kids, elderly, or pets in the car with the windows cracked open, even in tolerable heats.

Temperatures are expected to drop at least 10 degrees in Orange County starting Monday night, July 13. 

“If possible, stay in cool, air-conditioned rooms and if you need to be outdoors doing activities, do it early in the morning or in the evening,” Gregoria said. “The number one thing is to make sure you stay hydrated. If you’re outside, just keep that water handy.”