SANTA MONICA — The spcaLA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) threw a party on the Santa Monica Pier at Pacific Park on Sunday, November 17, in honor of the society’s 135th birthday. The event lasted from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and featured activities for humans and canines alike.

While their owners enjoyed the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, dogs were able to relax in a doggie spa with vendor booths from Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies, Nutro Pet Foods and Honest Kitchen. The dogs also had their own valets to watch them for 20 minute intervals. Owners looking for tips on how to train their pets, there was an “Ask the spcaLA Trainer” booth. As long as the owners brought proof of vaccination and kept their dogs leashed at all times, they were welcome to join the event with the purchase of a ticket.

The event was also held for philanthropic purposes, as money from ticket purchases went towards benefiting spcaLA, and an adoption promotion was held at both of spcaLA’s pet adoption centers. As a result, 80 of the pets found homes, according to Ana Bustilloz, Director of Communications and Marketing, in an email interview with Canyon News.

“We did not have adoptable pets at Pacific Park, but families were allowed to bring their dogs in the Park during the event, which is a first for Pacific Park,” said Bustilloz.

The spcaLA is a non-profit organization that has been around since 1877 and is not affiliated with SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), in spite of the similarity in name. They do share the common goal of protecting animals and ensuring their welfare. They originally started to end the abuse of travel horses, but have expanded to protect the rights of abused pets and also children.

The organization offers a wide variety of services, including spaying and neutering, dog training, pet hotels and grooming. It also gives opportunities to anyone interested in adopting a pet or volunteering. For more information, including information on donating, visit