UNITED STATES—Crazy theories roam my head, and since I was not accepted into the master program, I MUST give them to the world simply because I believe my unique perspective on a rarely discussed subject IS important.

I need to hope researchers can use my experiences in the GOOD FIGHT against those who cripple children with abuse because I BELIEVE these early sexual experiences are a factor in somatic disorders, even if disassociation has taken memories away.

Fictitious” disorders like fibromyalgia and somatic aliments have been debated throughout civilization, with “frequent psychosomatic illnesses” observed by many physicians. At the same time they were treating hysteria with VIBRATORS, they were trying to learn the importance of the uterus, besides reproduction.

Scholars debated the “proper” age to learn about sex. Teaching too early might “excite impure acts,” yet without knowing better sins like masturbation or premarital sex occurred. Thousands of years later, and religious families still stigmatize, shame, and punish those caught having premarital sex and EVEN when the subject didn’t willingly take part, like some honor killings.

Imagine how hard it was for men proclaiming publicly that female virginity is something to be cherished and saved, yet raping behind closed familial doors?

Furthermore, much talk is done about the emotional, social, mental, or physical aftereffects of sexual abuse, but why no discussion of the internal-physical ramifications?

Foreign substances to the developing reproductive system? Corrupting cells of the developing uterine lining, contributing to endometriosis? What about what we know about the catecholamines, hormones, and neurotransmitters that are involved with the fight or flight response in the human body, something I BELIEVE is a factor in fibromyalgia, etc.

Boston University has put out research showing that large proportions of childhood sexual abuse survivors have fibroid tumors that “trigger a host of health problems, including chronic heavy bleeding, anemia, pelvic and back pain, bladder and bowel conditions.”

Could somatic symptoms be caused from an internal trauma that also contributes to the development of fibroid tumors?

In the late 1990s, college textbooks taught that hysteria and somatic symptoms stemming from NO known cause, produced symptoms such as: “mild headaches, fatigue, or back pain,” and affected 30% of people in America.

Twenty years later CHILDHOOD SEXUAL TRAUMA would will be suspected factor in conditions with no known origin, like bladder or bowel disorders.

Hmm… Child sex abuse survivors have symptoms in common with somatic disorders?

Way back in the BC, Plato believed that “wandering uteruses” caused hysteria, and teaching that “there was no ailment more dangerous for a woman than her womb spontaneously wandering around her abdominal cavity.”

Call me dumb, but couldn’t sex with a child alter positioning of such a delicate little organ?

In 1900, Professor Alan Hamilton wrote: “rape of children is the most frequent form of sexual crime.”

50 years prior, proponents of Briquet’s syndrome never considered child rape as a cause? The Washington University School of Medicine did, publishing correlation in 1993 between Briquet’s syndrome and childhood abuse.

The 1975 Handbook of Psychiatric Emergencies (for the E.R.) warns about “silent rape reaction,” women coming in that have been raped or molested and the “current trauma has reactivated early feelings that have never really been talked about and worked through.”

In 1986, Diana E.H. Russell wrote about incest occurring in 1 out of 20 homes with a natural father, 1 out of 7 with a step family.  1990s college textbooks taught that 10% of women have tipped uteruses.

To summarize, I BELIEVE that these pains are from a real MAN-MADE cause. History is littered with both knowledge of sex with children, and the aftereffects. Children are not born with a tipped uterus or shattered psyche.

Teaching children about sex has been common up until the turn of the century, yet still debated as a civil liberty, like in 1987, by the Rene Guyon Society whose disgusting motto was “sex before eight or its too late.” It should come as no surprise that studies during this time estimate 1/3-1/5 of ALL American women reported childhood sexual trauma.

Professor Lynn Sacco, tells of father – daughter incest and the long lasting medical and psychological consequences that need to be studied. While incest by father would no doubt have additional psychological complications, I propose sex between any man of mature sexual age, and sexually premature females (premenstrual) must have internal complications that need to be studied.

Whether you think I’m out of my mind or spark an A-ha moment within you, I BELIEVE Wandering Uterus was caused by underage sex. My personal story shows correlation between childhood sex and uterus abnormalities, possibly even Fibromyalgia.

The first time I had an gynecological exam they found my uterus tipped completely backwards. I was only 16. The DR paraded other medical professionals in to ask things like, “are you sure you have never been in any type of car accident?”

I hadn’t been diagnosed with “disassociation” yet, and the perpetrator hadn’t admitted what he did to me when I was 5. HIS Alcoholics Anonymous task of shedding the mental suffering associated with secrets may have been therapeutic for him, but it started the A-HA in my head.

Now America needs to have an A-HA moment because I am not the only one trying to tell you we have an incest problem, and I am sure that it is a contributor to the PHYSICAL and MENTAL health crisis that our country is in today.