UNITED STATES─Who would have known that a quarantine would bring out the best of the best when it comes to deals in the economy right now. I mean rather its real estate, merchandise, ortravel, there is something to find for all. I mean I heard that Carnival cruises were offering such an offer, a person who noted you can take a cruise where you would only spend $25 a night. Yeah, the desperation is there people, but factor in the flight and there’s no telling how much you will spend, but you will indeed save more money than usual.

People are barely flying right now and the airlines are taking a major hit when it comes to revenue. I heard the average number of people flying is so low that the airlines are pulling out all the stops to get passengers back on the plane. I mean it’s risky to travel, but some people have to and it’s not a bad idea to book in advance now while the rates are cheap, and travel once the quarantine has started to ease up. Will people be uncomfortable flying on a plane in such close quarters with a ton of people? Of course, but since travel companies will implement safety cautions the best way they can to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Now real estate, I’ve heard from the experts that this is not the best time to sell property, however, if one has the money, this is a great time to purchase property. Why? The real estate market is like at a virtual standstill. It’s hard to conduct in-person showings with the pandemic America, and when you factor on plenty of construction work being halted by many states little fixes that may have needed to be made to ensure the property was in tip-top shape.

With that said, this is a great opportunity to start investing in the real estate market and pick up properties at a cheap if not stellar rate and be able to sell to make a profit when the market picks back up. The one caveat to all this is rather tenants will pay to those who you rent out or rather the world of negotiation will be bigger than usual. How so? People have taken a wallop to their bank accounts, so anyway they can say money that will always come front and center first.

When it comes to merchandise, the retailers (most of them anyway) are doing all in their power to ensure that customers get the best possible bargain. I mean shoes that regularly clock in at $100 for $10 (that is over 90 percent off). The same with luxury wallets, purses, clothing and so much more, as the retailers offer deep discounts in hopes of getting Americans to purchase a little more or to purchase anything considering their current plight.

The deals are great. I always say when you get 60 percent or higher off the normal price that is a good sign, it is even better when you save an additional 50 percent or more off clearance items because it feels like you’re getting something for free even though that may not be the direct result.  However, you are finding yourself in a weird predicament where you have to pay for shipping in most cases. A lot of companies are doing their best to offer weekend or daily specials where shipping comes free of charge without having to spend more for items to be shipped to you.

However, it would be nice if overnight or even two-day shipping was offered to customers because it would provide one with the opportunity of not having to wait a significant period of time for items to be delivered to their doorstep or apartment. The craziest thing was when that stimulus check was first handed out to Americans I was under the guise it was a direct result of the government wanting those funds to be used to revitalize the economy, now, I’m not so certain about that. Many people have put those funds towards a savings account for a rainy day; others used those funds to pay off bills that were slightly behind.

What I’m saying right now is there are deals out there, and if your budget affords the opportunity for you to invest in real estate, to travel or to purchase some items that have been hoping to have for quite some time, now is the perfect time. We might not ever see deals this great anytime soon.

Written By Zoe Mitchell