MALIBU—The city of Malibu will be installing speed humps in the residential Point Dume neighborhood starting in August, as announced in a press release on Friday, July 24.

The speed humps will be installed, “in order to reduce speeding and improve safety in the residential area,” the city wrote in a statement.

On July 13 during a Malibu City Council Meeting, the Public Safety Commission recommended the council to place speed humps in the Point Dume neighborhood. The humps will be located on Dume Drive and on Fernhill Drive between Grayfox Street and Cliffside Drive. City council approved of the project and directed staff to begin the speed hump installation process.

The recommendation came after the Public Safety Commission reviewed traffic data compiled by speed feedback signs in the Point Dume neighborhood.

“The Commission was responding to long-standing complaints from area residents and data from speed feedback signs showing excessive speeding in the neighborhood, particularly around Malibu Elementary School on Fernhill Drive,” states the press release.

Speed humps are not new to the region, as five roads in the Point Dume neighborhood already have speed humps.

“Speed humps help ensure that drivers follow the laws and speed limits established to keep residents, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists safe on our streets,” said Mayor Mikke Pierson. “We have to do everything we can to protect safety in our neighborhoods.”

The Public Safety Commission originally recommended the speed hump installation earlier this year in January, but the presentation to the City Council was delayed until July due to COVID-19.

The speed humps are the latest addition in a near five-year effort to increase traffic safety in the Point Dume area. In November 2015 and February 2016, the city council held meet community meetings “to discuss potential traffic calming strategies to address chronic, excessive speeding in the neighborhood.”

The community meetings led to the Malibu City Council approving and directing staff to install speed humps on Portshead Road, six speed feedback signs, new road edge lining in the area, and lower speed limits on Blue Water Road, Wildlife Road, and Cliffside Drive.

The installation of the new speed humps will require brief one-lane closures of Dume Drive and Fernhill Drive.