HOLLYWOOD—If you want to cause a bit of drama in the soap arena there is nothing like the disappearance of a child to leave a community rattled. “General Hospital” has decided to kick things up a notch with the sudden disappearance of Spencer Cassadine. Yes, the precocious and wise one beyond his years has gone missing and the list of suspects is growing by the minute.

At first so many speculated that Nikolas may have returned from the grave (um he never went there to begin with people), to reunite with his son. We all now the writers and producers of the soap are just waiting to find the right person to take over the role that was created by Tyler Christopher all those years back. I’m sorry but Christopher makes Nikolas who he is, and even with the brief recast by Nick Stabile, that guy doesn’t compare to the magnitude and depth Christopher brings to the character.

So toss Nikolas out the window as a possible suspect at the moment, and focus on Valentin Cassadine. Yes, the wicked one who ‘took the life’ of Nikolas and has been unleashing havoc in Port Charles since his arrival was the top suspect on many people’s list. The problem is Valentin didn’t do it, so whoever did, is obviously trying to set this infamous villain to take a massive fall.

I mean watching Genie Francis deliver that tour-de force performance in her confrontation with her nemesis was great; I mean she even whacked the guy with a crowbar before Jason intervened to deliver some intense interrogation tactics people. In the end, even Jason was well aware that Valentin did not kidnap the toddler, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who might be involved.

That gives plenty of ammunition for Sonny who is hot on the trail to locate his nephew, so much to the point he is on the verge of getting the information needed, but good ole Samantha Morgan intervenes. Now, this is a storyline that I am not 100 percent sold on just yet, so I will give the writers another month or so to really find a way to sew up the loose pieces so all makes sense. However, Sam pulled a gun on Sonny in her delusional state of mind (she thinks Sonny will be Jason’s downfall). Does she have a point?

Yes, but she needs to be aware that Jason was always a part of the mob; before he met her, and he will have ties to the mob with her. Sam knew what she was getting into when she kicked off a relationship with Jason, so take the good with the bad. By the end of the week, utter chaos erupted when Sam fired that gun at Sonny, tossed him to a vacate space, where the mobster clung for life. Hmm, Carly is not going to take this well, because when someone she cares about is threaten, she unleashes all hell.

Dante discovered Spencer’s broken glasses in the basement, which makes the viewer suspect whoever kidnapped the kid, wants everyone to think he’s dead or has been seriously injured. It’s no good news for Laura who is worried sick about her grandson, but that worry soon turned to tears of joy with Spencer being found. The one caveat is the kid was certain Valentin kidnapped him based on the shoes his kidnapper wore. The one problem, Spencer couldn’t be 100 percent certain Valentin was the culprit. So what does that mean? Whoever committed the crime was looking to make Valentin look guilty to say the least people.

After months of wondering, at long last, Maxie (Kristen Storms) has returned to Port Charles! Yup, Nathan was speechless to see his wife standing in front of him. Yes, it has been weird to watch Nathan sulk around PC, without his wife by his side. To be honest, it was quite devastating to watch this newlywed attempt to navigate his life, without his wife who is on the other side of the country because of the lack of job opportunities in PC. So it will be interesting to see how Maxie’s presence impacts Nathan’s life and those surrounding him in the coming months. What will be the fallout of Sam shooting Sonny? Who has Spencer? Oh and just how will Hayden and Dr. Liesl Obrecht exit Port Charles? The coming weeks will indeed be interesting “GH” fans!