UNITED STATES—Athens has always been a popular destination for travelers who want to soak up the many things it has to offer, from a thriving nightlife to a fascinating history as well as beautiful beaches and plenty of opportunities to relax.  There are several different neighborhoods, all of which have their own unique array of attractions and entertainment for visitors.

The last decade has seen a dramatic turnaround in Athens’ fortunes: after a steep decline in visitors which reached an all-time low in 2008, its resurgence has seen upwards of 4.5 million visitors a year flocking to the once-again-popular spot. In 2021, Athens made a breakthrough when it became more popular as a destination for French tourists than France itself, with more than 450,000 travelers choosing to leave France to explore Athens and all it has to offer.

Since it has become one of the hottest destinations for travelers once again, confidence in the tourist industry has improved and that has had a huge impact on everything from the entertainment on offer to the very look of the city. As Athens’ popularity grew, so too did investment in the facilities available to tourists and a construction boom saw building and renovation work carried out on nine hotels in the last few years.

Travelling in the digital age

One thing that has made access to Athens so easy is the ability to research, compare, and book travel online. Rather than having to visit travel agents and juggle diaries, travelers can now find their perfect break from the comfort of their own home and manage their booking themselves.

Visitors to Athens are no longer restricted to the events and activities that are signposted by the tourist board – they can seek out festivals, shows and even restaurants that perfectly suit their needs, right down to viewing menus online. You can organize everything from car hire to finding a specific underground bar and tailor your break to create a schedule that suits you perfectly.

Online booking has also made it much easier to choose a non-standard break with many travelers opting for unusual accommodation and niche activities to create a break that perfectly suits their tastes and preferences. A popular option for keen sailors is to charter a yacht in Athens to explore the lesser-seen side of this beautiful city from the water.

For a break that has a little of everything, from the ultimate opportunity to relax to a way to explore everything that Athens has to offer, chartering a yacht is a very versatile option. Not only do you get spectacular views of the beautiful scenery, but you also have the freedom to travel around the island and see some of the lesser-known spots from the vantage point of the sea.

What to see from your yacht

There’s no shortage of things to do in Athens, from immersing yourself in the astonishing history of the city to seeking out high-end boutiques and restaurants. Whatever you want to do, exploring from the water makes it even more exciting as the Athenian coastline has so much to offer visitors:

Piraeus is a great place to visit by boat, with its busy port and easy access to most of the Greek islands. It has its own exciting nightlife and cultural activities, but from a yacht, you can drink in the beautiful views of Pasalimani, Piraki, Kastela, and Mikrolimano.

Faliro is home to Flisvos marina, home to a stunning open-air cinema and the perfect place from which to explore the Saronic Gulf and the Argolis prefecture. These are just a short trip from Athens and the relatively mild winds make this area a favourite as there are several islands only 10-15 miles from one another so you can explore plenty of different places without having to strike out on long trips.

Charter a yacht for the holiday of your dreams

Chartering a yacht is a great opportunity for holidaymakers who want to enjoy the luxury of a bespoke break with the practical details all taken care of. Discovering a city such as Athens from the sea gives visitors a completely unique perspective on even the most popular tourist destination.

Gone are the days when a holiday was organized by a tour operator or travel agent and travelers had to fit in with a set itinerary. The flexibility and convenience of chartering a yacht mean that you can put together exactly the kind of break that you want.

With so many people choosing to visit Athens, you may want to have the option of completely withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of the busiest areas to find some peace and tranquility aboard your yacht. As well as privacy and stunning views, a yacht charter is also a great way to see some of the most impressive sights in and around Athens from the comfort of your own quarters.

You can learn about the fascinating history of Athens, enjoy sampling some of the delicious local fare, stroll through some of the most vibrant shopping areas, and enjoy the exciting nightlife. Choosing a yacht charter means that you have all the options of any holiday available to you, with the added bonus that you can travel by sea to the local islands and relax on your yacht whenever you need a little calm and quiet.