UNITED STATES—Players who have been indulging in online gaming and betting activities have probably noticed one quite prominent trend. Platforms that support both online casino gaming, and sports betting, have become an everyday sight. Unlike 10 days ago, when these two markets were exclusive and lived their separate lives, nowadays, they are as symbiotic as hermit crabs and sea anemones. What caused the change, and will things ever go back to what they used to be? Anna Rosak weighs in.

Anna Rosak is a digital marketing and online gaming specialist from Poland, who has been around long enough not only to detect trends but also to see many of them die.

“Players are always looking for casino minimalny depozyt, or should I say, minimum deposits, and only then do they look for other features. Needless to say, wallet-friendly casinos will never go out of fashion. Yet, it is true, we have witnessed an explosion of platforms that include both online casino gaming and sports betting”, says Anna.

Crossover Platforms Are the Future

For many, this change will seem sudden and completely unexpected. Anna disagrees with such opinions and believes the so-called crossover gambling sites are a result of a year-long aim to make gambling more affordable, approachable, and consistent in terms of branding.

“Let’s put it this way – you want the player to see your casino as a mall where they can get everything they need, a needle, a train, a giant plush T-Rex. Okay, maybe not that, but slot games, live casinos, and yes, even sports bets. You see, if you act like a specialized store, they will take their money to a place where things run smoothly and more effectively”, elaborates Anna.

The digital marketing expert is convinced this step in online gaming evolution is created to offer players different experiences on the same platform. Nowadays, players require a single account to try different kidneys of betting. Goodbye constant signups, and endless passwords!

“Combining casino and sports may also help you introduce different niches of gaming to players who haven’t got a chance to experience them. For instance, many women are intimidated by a visit to the bookie shop. However, online bookies make the entire ordeal look like a walk in the park”, says the digital specialist.

The Thrill of the Game vs. the Thrill of Sports Bet

Her explanation brings us to the next point in why sports betting meets with casinos on the same platforms. According to some stats, women now bet on sports more than they did in the past.

“Some might say it is because of the rise of women’s sports, but I beg to differ. I think it is because of the overall democratization of sports, and sports gambling. Crossover platforms finally convinced gamblers that the rush is all the same, whether you play the latest game, or are betting on the match of the year”, claims Rosak.

She accentuates the fact that not long ago, some types of gambling were more socially acceptable than others. For instance, playing poker was always associated with high intelligence, just like playing blackjack. Sports betting was often perceived as a shady business, with fixed games and matches.

Online gaming, especially when properly regulated, allows players to get the best of all worlds without any judgement. Even more, it lets players dive into the new world of gaming without any shady glances or embarrassment.

“A casino player who never placed a sports bet in their life has all the time in the world to do so on a crossover platform. When you bet in a shop, you can be pretty sure there will be a queue of nervous regulars, rolling their eyes. Online is more comfortable”, describes Rosak.

Sponsorships and Spokespeople

Ultimately, she reflects on the fact that the casino industry can immensely benefit from dipping its toe into the world of sports. According to Rosak, it is the sportsbooks that land major sponsorships for increased brand visibility, not casinos.

“You’ll find plenty of online bookies advertising in all major leagues of the world. Casinos? Not so much. The stigma is still strong, and online casinos definitely benefit from the symbiosis”, convinced is the expert from Poland.

Even if a traditional gambling platform lands a partnership, or gets a highly-profiled spokesperson, it will mostly be restricted to a specific kind of game, such as poker or betting. In such scenarios players can’t use the whole casino offer but they can at least eg. try their best betting strategies when making bets for their favorite team or to join a poker tournament. Rosak is convinced that in this dance of casinos and sports, it is casinos that profit more than the sports betting industry.

“Casino may bring new customers to bookies, but bookies bring more than that. They bring cha-ching! On top of it, there is also brand visibility and recognition. That’s something very few casinos can do for themselves”, she concludes.