UNITED STATES—In the past, there has been a lot of effort by local lawmakers and the tribes to host legal sports betting, but they have so far failed. However, an initiative to legalize sports betting qualified for the ballot in California, and voters will decide the issue in 2022.

The Coalition to authorize regulated sports wagering launched back in 2019. But due to current circumstances, it received a signature deadline extension.

In December of 2020, the campaign filed 1,427,373 signatures, and in May of 2021, it was announced that the initiative qualified for the ballot. The minimum number required was 997,139, and there were 1.061,282 valid signatures.

Three main benefits of legalizing sports betting in California are:

  1. It would provide a boost to the economy
  2. It would provide a safe and legal place for citizens and state
  3. It would provide jobs for more people

It is estimated that the market could potentially generate up to 500 million in tax revenue annually for the state. Furthermore, legalization is already paying off in other states, so should the 2022 session see sports betting approved, it will most likely be a massive success for CA.

Finally, if you are unfamiliar with laws, options, and locations where you can legally gamble in California, an in-detailed guide to sports betting in California at betting.us will provide you all the necessary information.

Online Sports Betting in California 

Although retail sportsbooks are illegal to operate within California, there is no law preventing California residents from putting their bets online. That is the only legal way to bet on sports in the Golden State, at least for now.

Keep in mind that if you see an online sportsbook that is run out of California, you can be positive that it is illegal and unsafe. With that said, you can absolutely gamble through offshore betting sites, but you must be extra careful while doing so.

If you want to place bets at an offshore sportsbook and be safe at the same time, you must follow some basic steps.

Always check for the license, make sure to read the reviews of previous customers, and the online casino must be powered with safe software providers.

Finally, it can be said with certainty that technology has changed the way we perceive and experience sports and similar activities.

What Would Legal Sports Betting Look Like in CA?

Undoubtedly, California has a great potential to generate billions of dollars from sports betting. California is by far one of the most active states when it comes to sports teams and their fans.

Understandably, California residents want the freedom to bet on sports in a secure way, and as more and more states decide to legalize it, the pressure rises for California to follow them. So what would exactly be the best way to maximize its potential?

Generally, if California ever legalize sports betting, the first thing they should do is to legalize all sports, from major to minor ones. Also, California could consider banning betting on high school games as well as local college games.

However, one way that can help maximize California’s earning potential from sports betting is by allowing betting on non-sports events like award shows and political debates.

Next, like New Jersey and Nevada, CA, should consider commercializing the industry because it could expand sports betting beyond native reservations as well as help steer the industry’s growth faster.

Finally, thanks to advancements in technology, mobile devices are the future of sports betting, so California would have to support mobile betting if they want to optimize revenues from sports betting.

Will Online Sports Betting Ever Be Legalized in CA? 

If California were to expand its gambling laws, the state could generate as much as $30 billion per year. However, it seems like the Golden State isn’t showing any interest in permitting mobile betting in the near future.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to legalizing online sports betting. For starters, it would create more jobs within digital design companies and marketing agencies, which would open more opportunities to unemployed individuals.

Next, strict laws and legislation would protect gamblers more, and it would make a safer gambling environment altogether.

Additionally, if California were to become an online gambling-friendly state, it would experience a massive influx of revenues into the economy.

Finally, the one major downside of legalizing online sports betting is that it would draw more people into compulsive gambling, so it would be crucial for companies to protect their customers and introduce them to responsible gambling.